Sunday, September 29, 2013

The sickness paid us a visit

It's been a weird week. Langley is still coughing. Aubrey threw up and ran fever one day.
I ran fever one day and am still coughing. At least I have nyquil and dayquil to help me through!

But some positives : Friday was pay day :)   we got all of Langley 's
soccer gear because that starts next week, and josh and I went on a date.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I know it was super bring outside, but I just needed some pictures with these sweet girls.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sesame Street is on, so I will blog

Langley filled up her reward jar for good behavior last week.  The big prize is going to a playground, so we decided to do lunch and playground at burger king.  She was so proud.

She is no longer a baby.  I still pick her up and carry her sometimes - just because.

Silly goose.

Love her.

And, these two.  Love.
(A was spitting/kissing, ha!)

Thursday, September 12, 2013


"If I can just make it to Thursday..."

That's what I've been telling myself all week.  And here we are!  Maybe a little rest is in our future!  The Lord answered me very clearly when I asked him to protect me from loneliness - we have been busy!

We went to my mom's for about 5 days, home for a few days, then had our 1,000 mile weekend where we traveled to OKC for Mawmaw's 80th birthday party.  We came back home to school, doctor visits, lots of medicine and breathing treatments for Langley, a team party, and awana.

All good things.  Well, except the horrendous allergies that plague my oldest.  But, the meds are helping.

Aubrey has been a typical moody toddler and into everything, including the toilet. That girl is impatient, unpredictable, and funny and sweet.

Some days I'm mentally exhausted, others I'm physically exhausted.  Josh is exhausted.  Most days he leaves the house at 4:15 am.  He is overworked this semester, since taking on 2 extra classes.  The extra money will be nice, but it's too much.  We are both too tired to have any real conversations most evenings :-)

But things are good.  We are blessed.  I haven't taken many pictures lately, but here a few from labor day weekend.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eagle Family Dinner

Nachos, banana pudding, a pinata, and a house full of laughter!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

We are here!

After a trip to sw Arkansas and a hectic few days here at home, we are enjoying a lazy morning!

In the last couple of days : Aubrey got attacked by a mosquito in her sleep ; we went to the mall and did a little fall clothes shopping for the girls ; Langley went to school and has been coughing a lot ; Awana started at our church last night and I'm working in Langley's class ; and of course there's the normal work around the house and unpacking!

Josh has a former player working out with the Indiana Pacers this week... My husband is giddy!  Our team seems to be meshing well and making a good impression, they're surviving a week of two a day practices (5 am and in the afternoon.) They will come over next week for our first party!