Sunday, April 26, 2015


Often with a (almost)3 and 5 year old I feel like I'm just existing in a haze of whining, complaining, and defiance.  But, there are good times...and things to look forward to.

Last week the school had a glow run, the girls had 2 birthday parties to attend, and Langley started baseball.

Monday, April 13, 2015

K registration& and "yes" day

Last week Josh and I made some big decisions (that I can't really share right now,) he went to NY, and I had to register our baby for Kindergarten!  

The girls and I are so excited he's coming home today!  Yesterday after church, I decided I would say "yes" to all their requests and questions until bed time.  Let's be honest, I say NO alot.  They ask a zillion questions and have as many requests/demands each day.

So, here's what I said yes to in a 7 hour span:
  • Lunch at McDonalds, inside, with chocolate milk, sitting at the bar, and playing the touch screen game.
  • painting in our church clothes
  • go shopping ( I said yes, but they had to take a nap first)
  • so they decided against that, and wanted to watch a show
  • then, I made aubrey take a nap and Langley wanted me to play in her room with her.
  • then, I needed a break :-)  so, langley asked me if she could measure my room with the big tape measure (I've been thinking about switching some rooms around and had it out.)
  • go get ice cream from sonic
  • eat it in the living room with watching cinderella
  • put on make up
  • paint toenails
  • open a new coloring book and colored pencils
None of those are a huge deal or cost a lot of money, but I find myself just wanting to AVOID A MESS or a MELTDOWN most of the time and I say no.  It was almost relaxing to say yes to everything, once I figured out they didn't ask for anything crazy.

I think it was good for me to do this.  Will I do it every day?  NO.  But, once in a while it would be good for us all.  

Also, I was surprised they didn't ask for anything outside since it was a beautiful day.  I have been having major allergy issues, so I think God was having mercy on me.  This time of the year at our house, the pollen and flying bugs/things really make me feel miserable.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015