Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My 3 Loves

 Langley looks a little disgusted, but she was actually just annoyed with taking pictures and this was how she said cheese.  She's a character. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Santa Hat

The santa hat has been a favorite accessory. 

It can be worn while snacking (I was in the middle of decorating...)

...or playing.
Love these silly sweet girls.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Aubrey looks exactly like Langley as a baby.  I just went through pictures from November and December 2010 - Josh didn't know who was who.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This was at Langley's school Thanksgiving meal.

Today was this sweet girl's first Thanksgiving!

Mimi and Nanny came to our house.  We had a feast and had a great visit.

The girls had such a good day (even with letting Langley skip her nap.)

I'm guessing Josh had done something crazy because the girls looked stunned and the adults are all cracking up.  Love these ladies!

Langley covered my mom's leg in stickers and Aubrey ripped them all off.  We are easily entertained.

Loving on Mimi.

My mom's phone and glasses are Langley's favorite toys.

We had a great day!  Lots of food, laughs, and quality time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some Firsts

We took the girls to a high school football game last Friday.  It was Aubrey's first one ever and only the 2nd one Langley had been to.  It was cold and pretty fun.  We made it through the half time show before we left.

Aubrey is finally getting the hang of solids (I hope!)  After 3 failed attempts at cereal/oatmeal, I went to sweet potatos.  She's had them for 3 meals now and will even open her own mouth and does not gag!  Her first meal is with her 2nd bottle of the day, I let her drink half the bottle, do the solids, then let her finish the bottle.  The second meal is around dinner time.  I think texture is going to be a big thing for her.  I plan on trying peas in a few days.

We are spending Thanksgiving in WR for the first time.  I'm not going to lie, I don't have to travel or cook so I'm excited!  Josh has a break from basketball for 3 whole days and so far it has been delightful.  Langley is having a blast at school and the rest of us are home.  I cooked breakfast, have done my normal chores and feedings, and Josh is working outside in the beautiful weather.   Yay for a real break and family time!

Langley had her first Thanksgiving lunch at school yesterday.  We all got to go and have a yummy meal.  I was kind of disapointed that the kids didn't wear anything festive or sing a song or do anything but eat and run around, but, she had a blast and that's all that matters.
** Each family was assigned a table.  We ended up eating alone because the other family wasn't there.  I'm guessing they didn't know us and chose to sit somewhere else.  We were very much the outsiders there, no one talked to us but Langley's teacher.  Come on people, you all have known each other since kindergarten, many are related, and/or you see each other regularly -- take one second to speak to the "new people." **end soapbox**

And, of course, this is Aubrey's first Thanksgiving!  We are so thankful for both of our daughters!  They are the most precious blessings!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Macaroni, Gloves, and Belly Buttons, ETC

My 3 favorite things Langley says:
1.  Mac-a-monkey = mac and cheese
2.  Hand Gwubs= gloves
3.  Belly belly button

Always 2 belly's before button. 

Had a pretty good weekend here.  Me and the girls kicked it yesterday because Josh had an away game.  We got to go on a walk.  Josh was home just after 10, so that's good.  The team is 3-1 (we lost an exhibition game last night at Christian brothers so I thought we were 3-2, but 3-1 officially.)

This morning we went to church in Corning with the team.  One of our player's home church hosts us for service and thanksgiving potluck each year.  It is a tiny country church, but you leave feeling loved and with a full tummy!

Each week they call on the congregation to see if anyone has a "special."  Some of our team joined the group in singing some hymns.  Langley wanted to go up there real bad, but I wouldn't let her.  I can't tell you how much I LOVE this picture.

Here's what Aubrey has been up to:

Practicing sitting up

Looking precious

Gnawing on her fist and playing in the saucer

We've had a pretty restful afternoon. I ordered Christmas Cards and am about to head to the store. Looking forward to Thanksgiving week!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Lord. Have. Mercy

Since Wednesday:

When I started my car to go get Langley from school Wednesday afternoon, the gas light came on.  By the time I was half way there, the light had gone off.  I got Langley, and while me and both girls crossed through the 1 and only stop light on the way home, my car died.  The gas light had not come back on, but I was out of gas.  Seriously?  The good news was that Josh answered the phone and could come help. 

Thursdays are bad days.  Langley is usually horrendous on Thursdays, this day was no different.  She whines and cries from the moment she wakes up.  She is completely disobedient and defiant.  I try to do things with her like a craft or blocks or something that is really giving her good one on one attention during Aubrey's first nap, but this day it did not help.  She spent the entire morning alone in her room (door open, light on, full access to toys) except for a few potty breaks and the 10 minutes she was out when I thought she would be able to play in the living room without disobeying or crying.  I was wrong.  I was so frustrated that I had to go punch my bed. 

Despite the challenges of the 2.5 year old and the 6 month old who spent the day not eating and slamming herself backward, I decided to take them to Josh's game in Paragould.  We make very few away games, and this one was only 35 minutes away, so I thought 'what the heck?"  They did fine.  It is exhausting though hauling 55+ pounds of kids and gear. 

Right before half time I got them up to go to the bathroom.  Aubrey was in her carseat so I had that on my back arm and Langley was holding my front arm as we were going down the stairs.  They have those little half stairs, so Langley started going too fast and began to fall.  Well, I fell down the stairs.  In front of everyone.  Josh even saw me from across the gym while the game was going on.  So embarassing. 

None of us were hurt.  I landed on my knees (so they are very bruised) and just hopped right up.  Still holding Langley's hand and the car seat in the other.   Everyone gasped and looked in my direction (you can see it on the game film.)  Wonderful. 

Also, since we woke up Thursday morning, someone has either been crying/screaming/whining/yelling.   At 2:30 today both girls were in their room crying and I was in the living room eating ice cream out of the container.  If I had adult beverage in the house, I would have had my own happy hour. 

These kids are crazy.  Wouldn't trade them for the world.

Falling down the stairs was the easiest thing I've done in 48 hours.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It's not wordless, because ya'll this girl looks like her momma in this picture!!  She's growing up so fast and her looks are changing.  She will always be beautiful though!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Family Pics from Wedding Weekend

Mawmaw, Aubrey, and Madison

Jasmine, Langley, Aubrey, Madison, and Kealin with Mawmaw.

My 4

Langley and Nana

Aubrey was pefect the whole time!

And, I was proud of my little flower girl who danced the night away!

And, I think this was the best one of all of them.

Jake and April's Wedding

Josh's brother got married Saturday.  It was the perfect fall day - they totally lucked out! 

April looked beautiful!  Here are some shots from the ceremony.