Friday, November 16, 2012

Lord. Have. Mercy

Since Wednesday:

When I started my car to go get Langley from school Wednesday afternoon, the gas light came on.  By the time I was half way there, the light had gone off.  I got Langley, and while me and both girls crossed through the 1 and only stop light on the way home, my car died.  The gas light had not come back on, but I was out of gas.  Seriously?  The good news was that Josh answered the phone and could come help. 

Thursdays are bad days.  Langley is usually horrendous on Thursdays, this day was no different.  She whines and cries from the moment she wakes up.  She is completely disobedient and defiant.  I try to do things with her like a craft or blocks or something that is really giving her good one on one attention during Aubrey's first nap, but this day it did not help.  She spent the entire morning alone in her room (door open, light on, full access to toys) except for a few potty breaks and the 10 minutes she was out when I thought she would be able to play in the living room without disobeying or crying.  I was wrong.  I was so frustrated that I had to go punch my bed. 

Despite the challenges of the 2.5 year old and the 6 month old who spent the day not eating and slamming herself backward, I decided to take them to Josh's game in Paragould.  We make very few away games, and this one was only 35 minutes away, so I thought 'what the heck?"  They did fine.  It is exhausting though hauling 55+ pounds of kids and gear. 

Right before half time I got them up to go to the bathroom.  Aubrey was in her carseat so I had that on my back arm and Langley was holding my front arm as we were going down the stairs.  They have those little half stairs, so Langley started going too fast and began to fall.  Well, I fell down the stairs.  In front of everyone.  Josh even saw me from across the gym while the game was going on.  So embarassing. 

None of us were hurt.  I landed on my knees (so they are very bruised) and just hopped right up.  Still holding Langley's hand and the car seat in the other.   Everyone gasped and looked in my direction (you can see it on the game film.)  Wonderful. 

Also, since we woke up Thursday morning, someone has either been crying/screaming/whining/yelling.   At 2:30 today both girls were in their room crying and I was in the living room eating ice cream out of the container.  If I had adult beverage in the house, I would have had my own happy hour. 

These kids are crazy.  Wouldn't trade them for the world.

Falling down the stairs was the easiest thing I've done in 48 hours.

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Becky said...

Oh Rachel. You had me laughing, and then feeling bad for laughing...
You're not alone. I've had dates with the ice cream container too. :)