Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's My Friday!!

Several months ago I asked for October 29-30 off, because I needed to use some vacation days. My job goes from being c-r-a-z-y some months to slow other months. October starts hectic with the Volunteer Fair, Family Day (see pictures below) and midterm and then slacks off after Fall Break. Everyone at this point is in some kind of routine and very few students actually come in my office for anything. Of course the normal drama that any College campus experiences still occurs, but honestly, this time of the year, I find it very hard to be motivated. There are several things that I could/should be doing - planning ahead type things, but I work best under a little bit of pressure it seems. I have been looking ahead to the Spring semester, figuring out how I can prepare for certain events that will happen after I have the baby, but my mind wants to think about the holidays and baby things instead of work! I am always more gung-ho about work after a few week-days off (fall break just didnt cut it for me this year.) Needless to say I'm looking forward to setting my Out-of-Office Assistant and getting non-work things accomplished for the next few days.

For my own benefit here are some things I will/should get done:

  • Go to the dentist

  • Get my oil changed

  • Renew my driver's liscence

  • Get my hair colored and cut

  • Look into switching Josh's health insurance

  • Dust the house

  • Catch up on laundry

  • Spend time with husband (by going with him to scout some teams)

  • Church and lunch with Life Group

  • Continue cleaning out the baby's future room

  • Take a nap

My Friend Robin and her daughter .

Family of CBC employee's...seriously, could these kids be any cuter?!

One of the inflatables during the Family Day "Plaza Party"

International Student Scholarship Benefit Luncheon during Family Day.

Note about Family Day 2009: you may notice NONE of my family was there...because several of them were at the Razorback game in Dallas. I couldn't go because of this event that I was in charge of - I tried hard not to be jealous or whine :-) Josh says I have no right to complain because I went to Hawaii last year with my mom and he had to stay home for over a week by himself. Ok, he's right.
I was very, very thankful that Family Day went so well and that the weather was perfect!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Small Town USA

I was telling some co-workers at lunch about this and thought it was blog-worthy...

In the music video for Justin Moore's Small Town USA, please notice the church and the preacher. The preacher is my cousin Kevin, and yes he is a real preacher. The video was shot in Poyen, AR where Justin Moore is from and they used many of the local people. It just cracks me up that Kevin is in this video!

By the way, I love country music -- I can't help it!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend!

Well, my weekend started by getting an H1N1 shot - thank you Faulkner Co. Health Department. I know many people are "iffy" about this vaccine, but after doing some research and talking with my doctor, I decided to get it while it was available. One of the OBGYN's in my doctor's office is pregnant and she got the shot, too. Also people, I'm around germy college kids all day, so I feel good about my choice.

Saturday was so nice outside. First, I made some blueberry pancakes because we honestly had nothing else in the house to eat for breakfast and I was starving! We watched College Game Day in our pj's and just relaxed most of the day. Yes, we watched the Hogs, play - we just won't discuss it.

Last night we had a game night with our Life Group. We played Partini (it's a fun group game) and the ladie's team won!! After that, we had made plans to go out with our friends Thomas and Dominique. We hadnt seen them since thier wedding in June - I actually found out I was pregnant the very next day! So, we met at Olive Garden and then went to watch Law Abiding Citizen. Ok, I like Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler, but this was not my kind of movie! I spent a lot of the movie with my head buried in Josh's shoulder because i would get so startled. Let's just say there's a lot of killing - Josh, of course, totally enjoyed the movie! It was great to see our friends, though!

This is Josh, Thomas, and Alex and Thomas and Dominique's wedding reception.

Me and Josh at their wedding reception.

Today was Life Group (really, I call it "Sunday School") and Worhsip Service (I call this "Big Church,") and then we went to Chili's for lunch. After a nap, I made my list and headed to Wal-Mart. I normally do 1 big shopping trip a month and then I only have to go for short trips a few other times a month. Today, the list seemed longer than ever - seriously my basket was overflowing, I was sweating, and the toilet paper started falling out of my cart as I hiked a 1/2 mile to the car! Needless to say I'm exhausted :-)

So tonight I will watch my shows and relax. There are several things that need to be done around the house, but instead I'll just mentally prepare for Monday!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Life and Random Thoughts

I enjoy lists. They are a major part of my life. I have lists everytwhere - in my (huge) planner and on sticky notes at home for chores and groceries, at work, Christmas lists,and what I call the "baby list" for what I need to buy/do before the baby is born. So, you'll probably see frequent lists on this blog. So, for my first official post, a list is fitting:

1. Josh and I have been married since June 9, 2007. The picture above was taken at our rehearsal. In those 2 years and 4 months we have learned a lot about ourselves, each other, and how to balance work and marriage (since we both work at the same school.) Prior to getting married, I graduated from OBU, worked for 1 year in Marketing at Magic Springs and Crystal Falls, and earned a [free] Master's Degree from UCA, among other things.

2. We are expecting our first child on March 1, 2010! Hopefully our daughter will make her debut between the end of regular season and the beginning of post season basketball! (Our perfect time frame is February 24-March 2...we'll see if she cooperates!)

3. Josh is the Men's Basketball Coach at Central Bapstist College. When he was first hired in 2006, he was the youngest college coach in the state and now he has the best single season winning record in the history of CBC. I never imagined I would be a coach's wife, much less a basketball coaches wife - it's very ironic actually if you know my dad!

4. It's hard for me to be a "good" coaches wife. Like I said I work at CBC as well and I have a very multi-dimensional job in Student Services. Basically, I can't be real friendly with the players because I'm an authority figure at school. It has been really hard at times, really wanting to be involved in my husbands job/ministry, but really having to protect myself and remain professional. But, my hearts desire is to be the "team mom" - making cookies, having them over for dinner [ occasionally], and being the biggest and loudest fan at every game! Maybe one day!

5. Our first "baby" is a Silky Terrier named Henry. We adopted this ADORABLE little stinker from the animal shelter in March of 2008. He is a character. I have several Henry stories for later!

6. I still don't always think of myself as a grown up. I know, I know. But man, responsibilities can overwhelm a woman! But, the Lord has so evidently put me in circumstances and placed people in my life that have blessed me beyond measure. I struggle with being a good wife, sister, daughter, grand daughter, niece, cousin, employee, and friend all at once. I pray every day that God will guide and protect me and all my loved ones - and He does. I may not notice it, but He always leads me when I'm lost and answers [one way or the other] when I ask.

7. This is the end of my first post. I know it is a bit boring and random, but that's me some days :-) Have a great weekend!

First Post - Test Run

Since I LOVE reading everyone else's blog, I decided it was time to start my own! In the past few months I've "anonymously" read about people I have known since childhood, college, and have just met. I also keep up with people I remember, but were never really friends with...the internet is weird like that. I hope to be a decent blogger, keep family and friends updated, connect with other bloggers, and demonstrate how God has blessed me!