Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's My Friday!!

Several months ago I asked for October 29-30 off, because I needed to use some vacation days. My job goes from being c-r-a-z-y some months to slow other months. October starts hectic with the Volunteer Fair, Family Day (see pictures below) and midterm and then slacks off after Fall Break. Everyone at this point is in some kind of routine and very few students actually come in my office for anything. Of course the normal drama that any College campus experiences still occurs, but honestly, this time of the year, I find it very hard to be motivated. There are several things that I could/should be doing - planning ahead type things, but I work best under a little bit of pressure it seems. I have been looking ahead to the Spring semester, figuring out how I can prepare for certain events that will happen after I have the baby, but my mind wants to think about the holidays and baby things instead of work! I am always more gung-ho about work after a few week-days off (fall break just didnt cut it for me this year.) Needless to say I'm looking forward to setting my Out-of-Office Assistant and getting non-work things accomplished for the next few days.

For my own benefit here are some things I will/should get done:

  • Go to the dentist

  • Get my oil changed

  • Renew my driver's liscence

  • Get my hair colored and cut

  • Look into switching Josh's health insurance

  • Dust the house

  • Catch up on laundry

  • Spend time with husband (by going with him to scout some teams)

  • Church and lunch with Life Group

  • Continue cleaning out the baby's future room

  • Take a nap

My Friend Robin and her daughter .

Family of CBC employee's...seriously, could these kids be any cuter?!

One of the inflatables during the Family Day "Plaza Party"

International Student Scholarship Benefit Luncheon during Family Day.

Note about Family Day 2009: you may notice NONE of my family was there...because several of them were at the Razorback game in Dallas. I couldn't go because of this event that I was in charge of - I tried hard not to be jealous or whine :-) Josh says I have no right to complain because I went to Hawaii last year with my mom and he had to stay home for over a week by himself. Ok, he's right.
I was very, very thankful that Family Day went so well and that the weather was perfect!

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After reading your blog today I came across this "book of lists" and thought of you and all of your cute lists:

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