Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Dentist

I had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned yesterday so I took Langley with me. I just wanted her to watch and see its not scary :)

She was such a good girl, that Joanie offered to clean her teeth,  too.

She did so good and even let "Michael Michael " look in her mouth!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013


Langley had her very first homework today. Her work sheet was for drawing straight lines, but then she also practiced tracing and writing her name.

She loved it and I was way too impressed and proud :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Sunday Before Class Starts

Yesterday was our last day of summer.  Josh was home all day.  We played in the kiddie pool in the backyard.  It was our last hoo-rah before our year begins.

Today we went to Sunday school for the first time, our pastor preached his last sermon,  and tons of students and most of our players were at our church.  Aubrey was screaming when I picked her up.  I really think she thought I had left her :-(  I think the combination of Langley starting out in the room with her, then moving to her own class, plus being in the nursery almost 3 hours, plus being close to nap time, plus seeing other moms and dads before I got in there, just sent her over the edge.  I got her and she laid her head on my should and held on for dear life.  Sweet baby.

We decided to go eat Mexican after church - with the rest of town.  There were no more high chairs, that's how busy it was.  Despite this, we were able to inhale our food at record setting pace and get out before anyone had a meltdown.

We got home, put the girls to bed, and I ran out the door to do my weekly grocery shopping.  As soon as I got back, Josh helped me unload then he went to the office.  He'll work well past the girl's bedtime.  He has to leave the house at 4:45 in the morning.

Ready or not, school has started.  There is a team who needs him, there are classes to be taught, there are meetings and practices and study halls and 5 am conditioning.  The girls and I will adjust, but today I just want to lay in bed and mope.

I did just that for 3 minutes before Langley was up from her nap.

My introverted soul  is screaming for some time to sit, be quiet, think, prepare. The older I get the more introverted I get.  I like being around people, but it exhausts me.

Anyway, here's to 2013-14!!  It will be a great year, if for no other reason than we don't own a house!!   It's been almost a month since closing and it's still an awesome feeling!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And Just Like That...

Aubrey is walking...

Aubrey takes 1 nap a day...

We have two forward facing passengers...

And, Langley has some allergy or virus thing.  She's had mild fever once a day since Monday and her eye is hurting and she has a dry cough.  I made the choice to keep her home Wednesday from school, she totally could have gone, but I just had to make the call AND since I got up with her at 1:30 (and I never really went back to sleep) we just had an at home day.  It's one of those things, we'll probably be at the doctor before the end of the week.

New students move in today. Let the craziness begin...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I needed this...

Motherhood is hard. Yesterday was really hard. All the scary aspects of having a 1 and 3 year old were in full force.

I'm not ready for school to start. We have 15 new players. I'm scared of the loneliness that I battle during the school year. I tear up every time I add something to the planner for fall.

Then I wake up to this scripture :

Fear not... You are mine.  When you pass through the waters I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.  For I am the Lord your God... Your savior... You are precious... And I love you...

Isaiah 43:1-4

Maybe you needed this today, too.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Barbie Jeep

Once upon a time, about 27 years ago, I really wanted a Barbie Jeep. Really wanted one.

I never got one.


My Nanny, never one to let us go without, finally got me a barbie jeep. For my 31st birthday!

I can't fit in it, but the girls love it! Langley tried it out (outside) for the first time today.

In a Sweatshirt As I Type

It's August 15 and I woke up and needed a sweatshirt.  This is what Josh and I call "pep rally weather. "It is divine.

Yesterday it was 80 degrees when I picked Langley up from school, so we went to campus to ride the tricycle.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

At home with Aubrey

She's pretty fun! 

We realized last week that Langley was this age when we moved here. Crazy!

Friday, August 9, 2013

There's No Title

Um, it has rained every single day in August.  I mean, yay for my farmer-neighbors, but I'm so ready for it to dry out, the mosquitoes to chill out, and for us to be able to get out of the house without trying to break a world record while opening and shutting the front door due to the constant swarm on our front porch.

Aubrey loves to play with wash rags.  Sometimes she wipes her own face and hands, other times she chews on it, she's even cleaned some of her toys off.

This headband has been her signature look the past few days at home.  Even though it's mine, it fits her head and she leaves it on!

Langley has just about earned a trip to sonic with her good behavior!  She's excited about it...

...or she's laughing because I'll be 31 on Sunday.  I just got used to saying "I'm 30," now I have to accept that "I'm in my 30's."  Geez.  :-)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday Best

I took the pictures above before church yesterday.  Oh, those girls!

So far August has been so rainy!  Aubrey and I had to go to WM and run a few more errands and I was drenched.  She thought it was hilarious.  She also thought it was funny when a carton of mandarin oranges fell off the shelf in the store and exploded all over me. If there was any doubt who made the mess on aisle 7, people could just follow the "uh-oh" coming from the adorable baby with the crazy looking mom.

Langley had a good day at school today and we started her reward jar at home.  She actually had a really good afternoon and evening, so I don't know if it was just a lucky day or if the rewarding of good behavior/choices is helping.

Happy Monday, and happy birthday to Nana and Mimi!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Just a Saturday Post

Things I should've put in Aubrey's 15 month post :-)

bye bye
puppy - her favorite word!
and she makes "tickle tickle tickle" sound that Langley does with her
"baa" like a sheep and "meow" like a kitty

  • splashes like crazy in water
  • dances any time she hears music
  • claps for every "yay!" or if she hears others clapping
  • knows where her tummy is
  • pulls (langley's) hair
  • loves her paci
  • drinks from a regular sippy cup very well (and I don't warm her milk any more)
  • points at everything
  • loves to be read to
  • loves it when we put lotion on her
  • loves other babies

Mommy guilt has been hitting me so hard this past week.  It is from.the.devil.

I love Josh, Langley and Aubrey so much, I just hate to feel like I've failed them or not done my very best for them.  This happens a lot and I'm soooo far from perfect.

Every once in awhile I get so bombarded with guilt and worry I can barely function.  I'm thankful that the Lord listens and comforts me and reminds me of the truth each and every time I seek Him.  Also, I'm glad that God equips us for his will, because I am weak and imperfect and in desperate need of grace.  Motherhood has been hard lately, but I look at pictures of our days together and my heart is so full!

Langley's current favorites:  skirts, dresses, all things princess, Super Why!, and the Leap Frog shows on netflix.  She is also really into learning - wants to know how to spell things, practices letters and numbers, and wants to write names on everything.  Also, she can spell  "cat."  Her speech has improved/changed some in the past week or two.  For instance, "mouth" was "mouP, but is now "mouF."  I don't harp on her speech, but occasionally I'll help her pronounce something and I catch her practicing.  She loves all music, dancing, singing, and looking in the mirror. Ha!  Also, we are starting some some of marble jar/chart/reward system to help us all focus on the positive things she does - instead of the ugly parts of being 3.

Friday, August 2, 2013

15 Months

Aubrey turned 15 months yesterday and had her check up and shots today.

She weighs 21# 10oz (56%,) is 31 inches tall (66%,) and has an 18 inch head circumference (52%.) 

As far as walking, we are putting her in stride rite shoes for her waking hours hoping to correct her left foot. Shopping for them tomorrow during the sales tax holiday since she has never worn any shoes.

I'm so thankful for her healthy development!  Bless her heart she's had a rough day.  Two top teeth broke through, plus very sore from shots,  plus she got her right leg stuck in between the slats of her crib during her nap.  

She didn't cry until I went to wake her up for a snack. She was in pain and I couldn't get her out or break the slats (I tried everything!) and I couldn't reach Josh.

I finally called my neighbor who was at work to go to joshs office and tell him to get home. I was seriously about to call 911. It was a pretty awful situation.   But, josh got to the house and was able to pull the slats apart enough for me to move her leg out.

I don't know how long it was stuck, but that poor baby is hurting so bad.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


We closed on our house yesterday.  The signing of those papers marked the end of a 2 year trial that was the longest, most difficult hardship I've faced.

We couldn't sell the house.  We didn't want to make a dime, just get rid of the financial burden.  When we bought the house we had 2 jobs and no kids.  We moved so that we could live on 1 job (and eventually 2 kids.)  God provided this job for josh and the opportunity for me to stay home, but darkness creeps in after the savings account is gone and you've taken out loans and another credit card JUST TO BUY GROCERIES AND PAY BILLS.

We knew that the move here and the job would allow me to stay home, but we were also very aware that the budget would be tight.  We knew after we sold our house, things would get better.  We could even start saving some money.  2 years later.  Things are hard.  We have been humbled, very humbled.

It has felt like we were forgotten, taken advantage of, and/or not in God's will.  Why would He let it get this bad if we were where we are supposed to be?

God is so faithful.  He  provided.  He sustained us.  When we were so desperate for help, He kept us going.

That trial is over.  I learned so much.  I don't want to forget or stray from the lessons God has taught me or the work He has done in me.  I want to remember to be desperate for Him, to surrender every worry, to trust, to live in the light of His love instead of in the dark dread of this world.

Our lives are simpler, with fewer possessions and an awareness of what true hope and joy is.  Praise Him.

Thank you Lord that we are in a new stage of life.  I am breathing easier knowing that I don't have to scrape together a mortgage payment again or worry about how I'll feed my kids if someone has to go to the doctor.