Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

100th Win

Eagles vs. Harris-Stowe

100th Career Win.  So proud of my man!

Also the coaches against cancer weekend, hence the shoes (borrowed from Rashad, Ha!)

Current record:  14-7, 8 more games before the tournament.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First ER Visit

Man, things change so quickly.  Like your 2.5 year old is normal/talkative/crazy when you put her to bed, then at 4:34 am she wakes up coughing and running fever.  And the coughing DOESN'T STOP.

You make a doctor's appointment, but it's a Monday and the earliest thing they have is 2:30.  You give her some cough medicine left over from October and tylenol, but she keeps coughing.  You count the seconds between coughs and the longest is 11 seconds.  You know  she is miserable.  At 10:35 you look at the clock and start bawling because you realize your daughter has been coughing for SIX HOURS.  You've given her medicine, honey, and rubbed vapo rub all over her.  You can't help her.

You call your husband to come home because everyone in the house is on the verge of an emotional breakdown.  She keeps coughing. After your husband has been home an hour and he has witnessed how your daughter has coughed non-stop, he takes her temperature.  It's 104.7, and he says "let's go to the ER." You agree because waiting another 2 hours to go to the doctor sounds like the worst idea ever and her fever has never been close to that high and there's nowhere else to go.  Also, she's been awake and coughing for EIGHT hours.

You call your awesome neighbor, drop Aubrey off and head to the ER.

At the ER Langley got blood work, chest x rays, and swabbed for flu and strep.  She coughed and shook the entire time.   She was also a zombie.  She slept and cried in between tests.  After a while she was diagnosed with a double ear infection and upper respiratory infection.  The ER staff calls her "the little girl coughing her head off."

Who knew those "normal" things could make a little girl so sick?  She stayed motionless in her bed for 15 hours when we got home.  Tuesday, she was so sore and weak, but a "get well" present from the neighbors brightened her day. There is definite improvement Wednesday.

not impressed with the crayons and coloring book.


passed out

So, that's what we've been up to.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


The Eagles are 12-7.  It's safe to say we have NOT been good on the road.  But, I look forward to several more wins this season.  We just finished a 10 day stretch with 5 games, so a few days with no games or travel will be nice for everyone.  Maybe not nice for the players because coach is mad after last night.

But at least he gets to come home to these sweet things!  They were kind of matching this morning for church so of course I had to try to get a picture.

Love them.  So much.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snowed In Again

Thankfully, this time we have power!!  We were kind of blindsided by the snow and icy roads.  Our local weather folks didn't even have us in any kind of advisory or watch.  From the time I noticed it was snowing until I got A and myself in the car to go get Langley from school, the roads were already covered and slick.  Driving to preschool was one of my scariest parent moments!!  It took an hour from when I started loading us up until all 3 of us girls were home.  I was so relieved that I cried when I got into our driveway!

Of course these things happen when Josh is gone.  But, we had plenty of food and were warm and didn't have anything else that had to be done, so we've just stayed in pj's and hung out all day.

One of our  neighbors is reporting 4 inches of snow in their yard.  All the snow stuck immediately since it has been so cold and it's on top of some ice that was already there from last week.  I'm not a fan of snow.

I'm just waiting on Josh to get home and for the temps to get above freezing!  Everyone else is napping :-)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Monday!

Langley is such a personality!
Also, she is probably 100% potty trained, like can go all night without a pull-up, but it's pure laziness on my part. I don't trust her to get up and go in the morning, so I don't want to get up at 6 to help her potty every morning.  Most mornings her pull up is dry, and otherwise she is totally good during the day!
And, I can't believe she'll be 3 in a few weeks!  I'm party planning - actually just pinning stuff right now :-)  And, she now says "lotion" correctly.  We kinda miss the "shoshu."

Aubrey is also precious.  I can't explain how happy and thankful it makes me that she likes church!  Oh my, it is so amazing how far she has come!
She started saying "momma" when she cries and has said "bye" a few times .  She is still taking 3 naps a day. a long morning nap usually from 9-11, then another at 12:30 (this is when BOTH girls nap!) for about 1.5 hours, then a last quick nap at 4.  She has no interest in crawling right now.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Since Last Sunday

Phone pics.

It seems like some of these were months ago.  Nope, just a few days.  Gotta love January.

We made a flying trip to Conway to clean our house before Open House last Sunday.  The girls were troopers.  You can see they had their own little set up.

I love this man.  Such a good daddy or "tato head" as L would say. Just watching some sports letting the girl dress him up.

Aubrey's favorite activity - emptying any container.

Jill and I went to Jonesboro Friday night because I had a "if I don't get away from these children I'm going to lose my freaking mind" moment.  I was seriously drowning in dirty diapers, whining, and feeding, wiping, repeating myself for the 500th time.  So nice to have a few hours out with adult conversation, just that tiny break helped a lot!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Family Picture from November

Thanks to my sister in law for this family picture!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Day is It?

I don't know if I'm just weird, but nothing sends me into a whirlwind of worry more than my kids not doing their basic things (eating, sleeping, peeing/pooping) normally.

Sometime last week Aubrey started pooping 7 or 8 times a day.  This is very unusual for her.  Of course she got horrendous diaper rash.  And, since she was pooping in the middle of the night, her sleep was off too.  It was all real lovely, but I totally assumed it was teething related since she's been fussy and drooling like crazy.

But then yesterday, I changed her formula (because 1 theory I have is that the nutramigen was making her poop like crazy -- apparently every other kid on it poops much more than once a day --and I had talk to the pediatrician about doing so after she had gone through all the first baby foods.)  Well, she pooped less, but then last night she pooped  what looked like rice.  RICE.  The child who had only eaten about 20 ounces of formula in 24 hours and had no solids in 48 hours pooped rice.  I called the after hours ped. number.  I wasn't freaking because she wasn't hurting, the diaper rash was better, and she was in the floor playing and smiling.  of course we had to keep the diaper and call the doctor this morning.

So, now we are skipping solids for a few days and giving her system time to adjust to the new formula.  Poor Aubrey, it looks like she will have ongoing digestive issues.  I promise not to discuss them on the internet when you are out of babyhood!!

Langley went to school the past 3 days, and this morning woke up at 550.  She melted down at 7.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  She's been the healthiest one around here this week!  Random, but I noticed this week that she now says "Henry" correctly.  No more "he-he" or "enwy."

Josh has 5 games in the next 10 days.  We are 9-5 going into tonight's game, which is already better than our record last season!  Man, the first year with a new program is always the hardest -- remember that when you   want to say something crazy about new coaches (no matter what the level or sport.)

It's supposed to rain like crazy and drop 40 degrees in temperature by Sunday -- yikes!  I'm hoping Aubrey will be "normal" by then and I can teach Langley how to play one of her new games she  got for Christmas sometime in the next few days.  I may not have a clue what day it is, but we will (in the spirit of finding nemo) "just keep swimming, just keep swimming."

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Who's Who?

The first 3 are Langley, last 2 Aubrey.  Crazy.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

January so far.

I've felt behind and overwhelmed since we returned from Christmas.  Things have been hectic with Josh's schedule.  We had the team Christmas party on Jan 1, so all our decorations are still up. 

I've put 90% of the new toys together, hit up the 75% off stuff at WM, done normal chores, and tried to get organized.  Langley is back in her school routine and our conference  play starts tonight!

We have the first showing of our house today and an open house scheduled for Sunday.  I can't help but feel like "here we go again."  The first time we had our house on the market, it was probably shown 25 times.  Please pray for a quick and smooth selling of our house in Conway!