Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First ER Visit

Man, things change so quickly.  Like your 2.5 year old is normal/talkative/crazy when you put her to bed, then at 4:34 am she wakes up coughing and running fever.  And the coughing DOESN'T STOP.

You make a doctor's appointment, but it's a Monday and the earliest thing they have is 2:30.  You give her some cough medicine left over from October and tylenol, but she keeps coughing.  You count the seconds between coughs and the longest is 11 seconds.  You know  she is miserable.  At 10:35 you look at the clock and start bawling because you realize your daughter has been coughing for SIX HOURS.  You've given her medicine, honey, and rubbed vapo rub all over her.  You can't help her.

You call your husband to come home because everyone in the house is on the verge of an emotional breakdown.  She keeps coughing. After your husband has been home an hour and he has witnessed how your daughter has coughed non-stop, he takes her temperature.  It's 104.7, and he says "let's go to the ER." You agree because waiting another 2 hours to go to the doctor sounds like the worst idea ever and her fever has never been close to that high and there's nowhere else to go.  Also, she's been awake and coughing for EIGHT hours.

You call your awesome neighbor, drop Aubrey off and head to the ER.

At the ER Langley got blood work, chest x rays, and swabbed for flu and strep.  She coughed and shook the entire time.   She was also a zombie.  She slept and cried in between tests.  After a while she was diagnosed with a double ear infection and upper respiratory infection.  The ER staff calls her "the little girl coughing her head off."

Who knew those "normal" things could make a little girl so sick?  She stayed motionless in her bed for 15 hours when we got home.  Tuesday, she was so sore and weak, but a "get well" present from the neighbors brightened her day. There is definite improvement Wednesday.

not impressed with the crayons and coloring book.


passed out

So, that's what we've been up to.

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Becky said...

Oh no! Poor little thing. Hope she's better soon!