Sunday, January 13, 2013

Since Last Sunday

Phone pics.

It seems like some of these were months ago.  Nope, just a few days.  Gotta love January.

We made a flying trip to Conway to clean our house before Open House last Sunday.  The girls were troopers.  You can see they had their own little set up.

I love this man.  Such a good daddy or "tato head" as L would say. Just watching some sports letting the girl dress him up.

Aubrey's favorite activity - emptying any container.

Jill and I went to Jonesboro Friday night because I had a "if I don't get away from these children I'm going to lose my freaking mind" moment.  I was seriously drowning in dirty diapers, whining, and feeding, wiping, repeating myself for the 500th time.  So nice to have a few hours out with adult conversation, just that tiny break helped a lot!!

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