Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Laughed So Hard When I Downloaded These

These were Sunday afternoon after a nap.  SHE asked me to take her picture and this is what we got...

These were taken this morning before Josh took her to school.  I asked to take her picture, this is what we got...

In the last one she was screaming "CHEESE" at the top of her lungs. 

I have to blog these now, because in a few hours I'm sure I'll want to scream something else at the top of my lungs because 2.5 year olds can be a challenge.

Hope these made you smile :-)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Church Today

Even though I have the worst sinus pressure and pain of my life, and got 2 shots and 2 perscriptions yesterday, we all made it to church today!

We tried to get a few pictures before we left.  Sunday is the ONLY day of the week I have on makeup and clean and blow dried hair.

We have pretty much changed churches because of Aubrey's issues, just so we can all go together.  She eats right before we go, so now the only "issue" is that church is during her nap time and clearly she won't take a nap with all those new people to look at so she loses her mind when she reaches a level of "tiredness/frustration because she doesn't really like people touching her that aren't mommy or daddy."  In this picture Josh was on spit up patrol while I got all our stuff together.

Too bad this one is blurry.

Our plan for today was to take Aubrey with us into big church.  I had her swaddle ready to go and we always have to have a burp rag or bib on her because she will puke all over herself.

So, she did great through the singing and some praying, but was over it by the time the preaching started.

I took her out in the hall and swaddled her up and sat for a few minutes where I could still here the sermon. She was bored after about 10 minutes, so I took her in the nursery and just stayed.  She sat in her carseat, swaddled up,  and didn't make a sound.  She just watched all the action going on around her, which included Langley :-)

It's not ideal, but so far, the best week we've had at church.  No one screamed or cried, so at this point I guess that's all I can ask for!

By the way, I'm sorry for all the times I judged other people for taking their babies and toddlers into the worship service.  I don't know your situation, just because I am all about sending my kids to the nursery, doesn't mean everyone has to be.  I am now the parent of a child, who I'm guessing will always have an issue with seperation anxiety or stranger danger, so from here on out, the nursery will be a challenge for us.  So, I'm sorry for immediately rolling my eyes when I saw a little one come in for fear that I would be totally distracted the whole time.  I am in your shoes.  However, as I did today, when your child does become loud where certainly everyone around you is distracted, remove your child from that situation just out of respect for others who may need and want to hear and pray and worship without baby/toddler noises going on.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1 Corinthians 2:9

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has planned for those who love Him.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Phone updates

Langley taking care of her new baby.  Reward for being potty trained!

Real life.

Sweet girl.

A and I went on a walk with the McCarty clan and she fell asleep!  The weather was great, and I was so so thankful that she enjoyed it.  It only took 4 months to be able to take this child for a walk and enoy it!

Langley at the doctor's office.  The night before she cried all night and told me her ears hurt.  The APN literally gasped when she looked in to her ears, they were so bad.  She is such a trooper, I know she was in pain.  This was her very first ear infection.

She was really trying to tell me something!  This is one of my favorite pictures!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ups and Downs

Life with two girls is full of ups and downs...and I know I know that this is just the beginning, but the emotional roller coaster is so exhausting some times.

Goodness, the disobedience of a 2.5 year old astounds me.  Also, the number of times I repeat myself a day is rediculous.  The discipline. never. ends.  

And the 4 month old, geez she's happy and so much easier than ever before, except for when we go to church.  It's just such a struggle. She screams uncontrollably.  It's like nothing I've ever seen.  It's embarrassing and exasperating.  Feel free to join us in praying that she can make it 1.5 hours in the church nursery so that we can attend a worship service without her AND I having a meltdown.

Love these two.  They are quirky, passionate, and emotional.  And hilarious.

Just for my memory:

We've got us a rollin' baby.  Aubrey rolls all over the place these days!
Langley is on antibiotics for her very first ear infection. Poor thing.

Funny story from church today:  We were walking the girls to the nursery and Langley's panties fall down around her ankles.  What in the world?!  So glad she's too young to be embarrassed!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

4 Months Old


At 4 months old Aubrey...
-can roll both ways, but doesn't do it very often
-has found her toes
-yells loudly and shreiks when she's hungry or sometimes just happy
-does well in the carseat
-smiles every time we get her out of bed
-wears a size 2 diaper and 3-6 month clothes
-eats 5-6 oz 5 time a day, still on nutramigen with 1/2 tablespoon of rice cereal and takes prevacid
-doesn't like to be held by many people other than mommy or daddy
-spits up a lot (still a concern)
-stiffens her entire body when picked up (still a concern, thinking about a chiropractor for this)
-is very strong
-bats at toys, and claws at everthing, wants to touch and grab everything
-likes facing out in the bjorn
-watches tv
-still has to take some naps in the swing or carseat because of the reflux
-likes her sister
-eats last at 8 or 9 pm then sleeps until 630....until last week when she started waking up at 430 or 5 am.

Weight:  13 lbs, 15 oz
Height:  23 1/2 inches
Head:  16

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Because My Children Started Waking Before Sunrise

Yes, both girls have been waking up WELL before 6 am the past week.  Yesterday it finally caught up with me and I realized how tired I was!  I found a bottle in the trash and I thought I had thrown an entire container of clorox wipes away.  I gave Langley a bath but didn't rinse her off.  I forgot to take medicine and give the girls their medicine.  So yeah, I haven't blogged either.

Pretty much this is what's been going on....
school started, Josh is teaching 4 classes this semester, having 5 am practice 3 days a week and regular preseason every afternoon/evening.  we are trying to adjust and figure out when the girls can actually see their daddy, especially the days Langley is at school.  We have done family lunch every Thursday for a few weeks and that has been good for all of us to get out as a family and eat a meal that I don't have to prepare or clean up!  We had the team over last night and I think we have another great group of players.

Langley is potty trained, sleeping in a bed, and still loving school.  She is getting a little shy around people, she just has to warm up and then its her normal "life of the party" self.  Some of my favorite things she says are "it delicious!"  and " it's my yanni's  ____!"  For example, "it's my yanni's book."  That's her way of saying it's mine.  She is also getting 4 molars.  Yes, she is 2 1/2 getting her 1 year molars.  She loved having nana, pawpaw, mary and andy visit this weekend!

Aubrey is pretty happy and content.  She doesn't like 'strangers' unless mommy or daddy is holding her while someone else is talking to her. She's done some more rolling and laughing.  She'll go for her 4 month check up tomorrow.

And, me?  I'm making it.  I'm in a season where it's very easy for me to be quick-tempered, sad, and a little depressed.  I'm praying against those things and trying to remember that it's my attitude and not my circumstances that make a day good or bad.  I try to focus on things like:  my husband has a job that he loves; after 3 months of screaming, Aubrey is happy; Langley has accomplished so much in the past few weeks; I have friends here in my neighborhood; and this world (although full of blessings) is not my home, I have a Savior, a Hope, and a Joy that far outweighs the daily frustrations or hardships I may temporarily face.