Friday, April 30, 2010

A list: Money saving tips, good sleeper, and weekend!

1. Kelly's Korner is doing money saving tips. Here are a few of mine:

  • I make my own laundry detergent. If you're interested, I make the powder kind because I don't have a place to store the liquid. It's super easy and cheap, and works well getting our clothes so fresh and so clean clean! All it takes is a bar of Fel's Naptha soap, Borax, and Washing Soda. I think I found the recipe on the Duggar's website.

  • I heart coupons. I look at them every Sunday. I've never bought a package of diapers, formula or wipes without a coupon! You can find coupons in the paper, in magazines, and online, and sometimes on the back of receipts. Getting a good deal makes me high!

  • Realize what's really important. We recently took steps to cut back on our monthly bills. We started with the cable, going back to regular 72 channel cable. The reason? On several occasions, we had flipped through all 300+ channels and remarked "there's nothing on tv." Seriously? Yeah, we can live without it then and save $40 a month. Josh may have cried a little when he had to take the digital box back and I may have cried a little when I remembered the great relationship me and the DVR once shared. But, I love my daughter more, and this small step will benefit her in the future. Next, will be reducing our cell phone bill...this will be harder. I never had a cool phone before the Droid, heck I never even paid more the 99 cents for a phone before the Droid. I heart the Droid, breaking up will take longer than the cable did, but we will eventually drift apart.

2. Langley has always been a good sleeper, well except those first 3 nights of life, but she got the hang of it quickly! She slept from 8:30 pm -6:45 am last Thursday. Yes, I took a picture before I got her out of bed. I was so proud and wanted to remember the moment!

She usually sleeps from about 8:30pm-3:30 am, eats, then sleeps until 7:00 or 7:30. This is considered sleeping through the night and we are so spoiled! But, when she sneaks in the real all-nighter, I just want to eat her up!

3. Well, it's Friday and that means I get to work from home and spend time with my girl! Thank you, Lord!! We have a big weekend, and I'm trying not to freak about the rain. Possibly on the agenda:

  • I really want her to expereince her first Toad Suck Daze and get her a little shirt. If at all possible, please go to Toad Suck and spend a little money! All the money goes to scholarships. You may think, yeah right, but really it does! The weather was so bad last year, resulting in much less spending, that each college in Conway only got 2 scholarhsips to award as opposed to 4 in year's past.
  • Graduation cook-out for the basketball team. We have this planned for tonight at Beaverfork and we don't have a rain plan. We must figure out a rain plan! Josh and I really want to do something for the seniors. We are SO PROUD of those graduating!!
  • Cleaning the house. I had such a bad weekend last weekend and nothing got done. Must clean the house!
  • Finish my team work challenge. At work, we've been encouraged to read John Maxwell's "The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork," as part of the challenge. Honestly, I only started reading it because I want to WIN the cash prize, but this is a good book! You can apply the principles professionally and in your personal life. Maxwell relates a lot of things to basketball (and other sports) which makes it very applicable to me.
  • Athletic Banquet is Saturday night. I don't know anything about it, just that Josh wants me to go. I'm hoping it's a nice evening and I get some good pictures. It's been a hard week for the team, one of the players lost his father to a stroke and the funeral was Wednesday. It has to be so hard for him, if you think about it say a prayer for the Johnson Family, for comfort and healing, and that God will be glorifed through this situation.
  • Stuck on a Truck. Yes, this is part of Toad Suck, but I like to check the webcam! People get so crazy, I just think it's hilarious!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a morning

Despite the thunderstorms last night, we all slept great! I woke up first and started laundry, then went to wake up Langley. She was still sleepy so it took her forever to eat, and as I was feeding her I heard the toilet and bathtub bubbling. Well, there was not supposed to be any water in the tub. We have a problem. So, by 8:15 am, Josh had called a plumber. Super.

While waiting on the plumber Langley fell asleep in the swing and I started organizing her room and refilling the wipes, and checking to make sure we had enough diapers. Then I decided to start making a pile of clothes she had outgrown that I wanted to keep, or that were the wrong size and season for her. This led me to look for a few things I had put a way 2 weeks ago. I had put the outfit we brought her home in and some other special things in the guest room. When we had company last week, I put those keepsakes in a great spot. The problem is I have NO IDEA where that would be. I got so frustrated and looked through the entire house, even the bathrooms, looking for those things. I still haven't found them. That kind of thing really makes me crazy. I just gave up, I know they are in the house somewhere.

Meanwhile, the plumber came and told us it would cost $1,000 to really fix our issue. Great. Real great.
The plumber left and I was getting Langley dressed when I noticed the onesie I was putting on her was too small. Not width, length. So, I start going through the onesies and very few still fit her. For some reason, this added to my "not so great" morning feeling. I guess since she's been in the world time is moving at triple speed and maybe I'm missing something or not making the best use of this precious time with my baby.

This whole time I hadn't eaten anything, and I felt a melt down coming on! Finally I just sat down, ate something, and layed in the floor and read to Langley.

Seriously, this face seems to make everything a little better!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mid-Week Funny

The rap is my favorite part. I've watched this hundreds of times over the past few years and I still laugh. If you like this you will also enjoy "Can I have your number?"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sunday was Langley's first time at our church! She did great in the nursery and I felt 100% comfortable with her being in there! It was also baby dedication day at church. Baby dedication was very special. It was neat to get to meet and see all the families with kiddos Langley's age. I figure this is the time in life where your child's friends parents start becoming your social group as well :-) I totally slacked in taking pictures of the service. I forgot Vicki's camera got burned up along with her truck and I did not even think to hand my own camera off to someone to take pictures.
Oh well, this is what she looked like the whole time :-)

After church, we went to eat lunch with David, Vicki, and my Nanny. It was Langley's 2nd restaraunt experience and she was very well behaved! We had lunch at Mimi's (the restaraunt, not my mother's house) on Saturday as her first "out to eat" place. At this stage, she sleeps or is being held, so she is fine in restaraunts.

She has spent a lot of time staring at the blinking star and the panda on her play mat recently. I heard her babbling at the panda and kicking one of the rattles the other day, it was so sweet! I always have to put a blanket down on top of the mat because apparently, the mat alone is not cushiony enough for her. I took this picture Monday morning before I left...

Last night the team had a fundraiser at Pizza Inn. They are trying to raise money for a trip to Florida in December. They will play 2 or 3 games and get some "fun" time in as well. The guys were the waiters. Langley and I got to visit with friends at eat some pizza while Josh worked!

They raised a couple hundred dollars, which is a couple hundred more than they started with, so I would call it a success!
Our household was exhausted when we all finally got home last night. Thankfully, Langley slept great again!

So Far, Ok

Monday was hard but I survived. I didn't cry all day at work. It was good to see people and talk with friends. I was exhausted when I got home. I guess feeling like you have no clue what you are doing will wear you out! Since I'm in a new position now that I'm back at work, I really do not know exactly what my role is. Also, I have not had to use my brain in the same way for 8 weeks now. People will ask me questions and it's like I've never worked here before. Everyone who asks me questions this week gets fair warning that a stupid/wrong answer may be what they get.

This morning was harder. Harder to leave her. I fed her and we were talking and she was just smiling like crazy. Smiling more than she has in her whole 7 week existence. And, I had to leave. It was hard. I'm surviving.

The past few days the old song "God is too Good" has been playing in my head. The line that says "when you can't trace His hand, trust his heart" repeats over and over. Because, that is exactly what I'm trying to do. Trust His timing, be thankful, not complain, have hope.

I am planning to download pictures tonight from baby dedication, after the team's fundraiser at Pizza Inn (on Hogan.) It was a special day, she did great, and looked precious!

Friday, April 16, 2010


so that whole counting points thing lasted about 4 days. I did really good, and then I didn't. I have been more conscious about what I'm eating; and I've avoided drive throughs for over a week - but I haven't exercised...not once. Can I count doing laundry or dishes or dusting since I break a sweat doing such chores due to the fact that it is hot in my house and I refuse to turn on the AC because I'm cheap?

I took some clothes to the consignment store this morning, they are kind of picky, but I had a few things that made the cut and Langley had several. Yes, she has already outgrown some outfits, some without even wearing them once. If I wasn't emotionally attached to it, it was either sold in the garage sale last weekend or taken to consignment today. Langley got to meet Aunt Tracy and Uncle John today. That was a nice suprise. I'm glad they and Memaw got to stop. Josh is at Real Deal in the Rock. I just laugh everytime I think about John Pelphry squeezing into my little Honda Civic a few years ago when he hitched a ride with Josh across town to another gym during an AAU tournament in Conway. I also laugh about getting a phone call from Josh saying he had just met Coach K, and the Kansas Coach (can't think of his name right now, sorry Becky :-) )the same weekend.

My MIL's truck burned up. Like caught on fire and burned to a crisp. She was driving when we noticed the smoke. Thank the Lord she got out of that truck! Isn't that crazy?!

Don't worry, there are pictures in the post. And, she looks so big. So cute. Seeing how much she's changed already just hurts my heart because I'm going to miss so much when I'm at work. Yes, work. I go back Monday. Um, yeah.

I haven't had much social interaction today, so I'm full of random things that I feel the need to share. Bless your heart if you've read all this crazy nonsense. You are now rewarded with pictures of my sweet baby....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

6 Week Check-Up

Langley had her first shots today. She was such a champ. Only tears during the shots and then she consoled quickly.

Here she is waiting to see the doctor. She looks very squishy!
At six weeks old she weighs 10lbs and 14.5oz; she is 23 3/4 '' long; and her head is 15''.
She looks so pitiful with all her bandaids!
It was good to hear we were doing a few things right! I've been using a little head 'n shoulders on her dry scalp, which the doctor actually recommended, and she told me to just keep using saline and the nose sucker to combat the congestion. Those were really our only issues and questions!
Langley is becoming a pro at tummy time, turning her head from side to side and holding it up. She is still stingy with the smiles, but I got a big one yesterday when I went to pick her up from Josh's office after my doctors appointment. I often catch her staring at me when I'm watching TV. She stares off in the distance when I'm staring at her. Toys do not interest her at all, but she's starting noticing the mobile on her swing and things on the playmat more.
So, her appointment today went well. Few tears were shed! I did tear up for a second during the shots, but nothing major. I'm sure you notice she was in her daddy's arms the whole time! So so sweet.
Me and Langley ran a few errands after lunch before she started feeling bad. We've spent most of the afternoon cuddling and rocking. She's fine, maybe a little puny, but I feel bad for her so we snuggled!
I am so thankful for my perfectly healthy baby girl! What a blessing!

Monday, April 12, 2010

5th Generation

Langley has two Great-Great Grandmothers!

This is Bump-Bump...

And this is Mamaw...

5 Generations!

Mom of the Year

More than a few times in the past 6 weeks, I've said "Yeah, I know. Mom of the year." referring to something stupid or semi-neglectful I've done as a mom. A few examples include:
(1) taking Langley out for a walk when she was 2 weeks old. It was warm and sunny. I was feeling pretty good. Then I get inside and it appears my child has a sunburn. [she didn't] I had not sheilded her from the sun trying to combat what was left of the jaundice, and it was March for crying out loud, but apparently Langley's going to be fair and her cheeks turn very red any time she's the list bit warm.
(2) I took Langley to CBC for lunch one day. It was 80 degrees outside. I dressed her in a short sleeved onesie, but it was FREEZING inside. I had no blanket and she was shivering before we left.
And (3) today was one of those days where if Langley wasn't eating, she was screaming. I had my 6 week check up today and dreaded it so badly I could not eat. It was very fast and non-traumatic. I just prepared myself for the worst for some reason. So, by 4:30 this afternoon mommy needed a time out. I put Langley in her bouncy seat, in my bedroom, in front of the TV with a Praise Baby DVD. I don't know what it is, but she finally chilled out and I ate and read yesterday's paper. 6 weeks old and the TV is already a babysitter. Mom of the Year, I know.

Gotta go, the DVD is over and the screaming has resumed. My time out is over!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just checking in...

because I know most of you check this blog just to see pictures of the baby on a regular basis :-)

I broke out the activity mat this week. Langley tolerates it for short periods of time. Really, she just looks at herself if the little mirror!

Josh has been busy at work recruiting and signing new players. I hope he's ready to be the main caregiver here in a few weeks. He'll have an interesting summer. I can't even talk about work. It makes me cry.

I started my own version of Weight Watchers today. You know, the points. For some reason it's more appealing than counting calories. For excercise I'm just walking. I go back to the doctor Monday, maybe after that I'll do something a tad more strenuous. Maybe not.
I have no idea how much I weigh. We don't own a scale. I just need to be able to wear my work clothes becuase I definitely can not afford a whole new "big" wardrobe and I don't care to look pregnant any more.

We decided to have a garage sale Saturday. I'm praying we make enough money to make it worth the effort. I got in major purge mood, Spring cleaning I guess. If we don't love it or need it, I plan to get rid of it.

Langley's smiles are still few and far between. But I got a semi-smile this morning!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Festive for Easter

Langley had a couple of cute Easter outfits. She had to wear them a little early before it turned 80 degrees outside.

All of these pictures look somehow weird to me, but it's apparently the best I got...

Her new thing is staring at ceiling fans and lights. Our living room fan has provided hours of entertainment.

Hopefully I'll get a good picture of us in our Easter attire. Josh got new pants, shirt, and tie, Langley got a new dress, sweater, and shoes. I got a new shirt. I haven't even tried on any pants or skirts. I know tears will be involved. I'm already planning to have to break out the bella band with some black pants.
Sunday will be Langley's first church experience. Should be interesting. I'm guessing she'll either sleep the whole time or we'll have to take her out.
Hope you all enjoy Easter with your loved ones.
He is risen!