Tuesday, April 13, 2010

6 Week Check-Up

Langley had her first shots today. She was such a champ. Only tears during the shots and then she consoled quickly.

Here she is waiting to see the doctor. She looks very squishy!
At six weeks old she weighs 10lbs and 14.5oz; she is 23 3/4 '' long; and her head is 15''.
She looks so pitiful with all her bandaids!
It was good to hear we were doing a few things right! I've been using a little head 'n shoulders on her dry scalp, which the doctor actually recommended, and she told me to just keep using saline and the nose sucker to combat the congestion. Those were really our only issues and questions!
Langley is becoming a pro at tummy time, turning her head from side to side and holding it up. She is still stingy with the smiles, but I got a big one yesterday when I went to pick her up from Josh's office after my doctors appointment. I often catch her staring at me when I'm watching TV. She stares off in the distance when I'm staring at her. Toys do not interest her at all, but she's starting noticing the mobile on her swing and things on the playmat more.
So, her appointment today went well. Few tears were shed! I did tear up for a second during the shots, but nothing major. I'm sure you notice she was in her daddy's arms the whole time! So so sweet.
Me and Langley ran a few errands after lunch before she started feeling bad. We've spent most of the afternoon cuddling and rocking. She's fine, maybe a little puny, but I feel bad for her so we snuggled!
I am so thankful for my perfectly healthy baby girl! What a blessing!

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Anonymous said...

Does Langley already have him wrapped around her little finger? LOL Wendi Pool