Friday, April 2, 2010

Festive for Easter

Langley had a couple of cute Easter outfits. She had to wear them a little early before it turned 80 degrees outside.

All of these pictures look somehow weird to me, but it's apparently the best I got...

Her new thing is staring at ceiling fans and lights. Our living room fan has provided hours of entertainment.

Hopefully I'll get a good picture of us in our Easter attire. Josh got new pants, shirt, and tie, Langley got a new dress, sweater, and shoes. I got a new shirt. I haven't even tried on any pants or skirts. I know tears will be involved. I'm already planning to have to break out the bella band with some black pants.
Sunday will be Langley's first church experience. Should be interesting. I'm guessing she'll either sleep the whole time or we'll have to take her out.
Hope you all enjoy Easter with your loved ones.
He is risen!

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