Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sunday was Langley's first time at our church! She did great in the nursery and I felt 100% comfortable with her being in there! It was also baby dedication day at church. Baby dedication was very special. It was neat to get to meet and see all the families with kiddos Langley's age. I figure this is the time in life where your child's friends parents start becoming your social group as well :-) I totally slacked in taking pictures of the service. I forgot Vicki's camera got burned up along with her truck and I did not even think to hand my own camera off to someone to take pictures.
Oh well, this is what she looked like the whole time :-)

After church, we went to eat lunch with David, Vicki, and my Nanny. It was Langley's 2nd restaraunt experience and she was very well behaved! We had lunch at Mimi's (the restaraunt, not my mother's house) on Saturday as her first "out to eat" place. At this stage, she sleeps or is being held, so she is fine in restaraunts.

She has spent a lot of time staring at the blinking star and the panda on her play mat recently. I heard her babbling at the panda and kicking one of the rattles the other day, it was so sweet! I always have to put a blanket down on top of the mat because apparently, the mat alone is not cushiony enough for her. I took this picture Monday morning before I left...

Last night the team had a fundraiser at Pizza Inn. They are trying to raise money for a trip to Florida in December. They will play 2 or 3 games and get some "fun" time in as well. The guys were the waiters. Langley and I got to visit with friends at eat some pizza while Josh worked!

They raised a couple hundred dollars, which is a couple hundred more than they started with, so I would call it a success!
Our household was exhausted when we all finally got home last night. Thankfully, Langley slept great again!

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Rachel Cox said...

Your little girl is SO cute!!!!