Monday, February 23, 2015

Senior Day

Saturday's game was senior day.  Below is what Josh wrote about each one (and was read during the presentation.)

Jasmin Washington

"Jas is a senior from Memphis, TN. A business major, Jas transferred to Williams in 2011 from Dyersburg State Community College.  Any successful team or business has to have a person like Jas working with them.  His attitude and demeanor make everyone around him better. "

#0 Carter Clerveaux

"Carter is a senior forward from Brooklyn, NY.  Carter is a Liberal Arts major with an emphasis in Biology.  He is the Eagles 4th leading scorer, averaging 9.2 ppg this season.  His approach in the classroom and on the floor is the true definition of what a Williams student athlete is all about. "

#23 James McClain.  

"James is a 6-4 senior guard from Covington, TN.  James is a liberal arts major with an emphasis in Physical education.  He transferred to WBC in 2013 from Shawnee Community College.  James was the 2013-14  AMC Newcomer of the year and Honorable Mention All-American.  We will miss his hardworking attitude."

I will add that each one of these guys has left an imprint on our family.  Each are very special to us and have been a joy to have on our team.  Jas, Carter, and James are SO SWEET to our girls.  

Just Saturday night, we were at McD's after the game.  I had set the girls at the table and I got up to get our food.  I looked over and Jas was squatted down between them just talking to them and holding their hands and making them laugh.

Also Saturday, Carter got a candy bouquet from his family and gave the girls a packet of m&m's.  langley ripped into them and the m&m's exploded everywhere.  Without skipping a beat, carter handed her another package and helped us pick up the ones on the floor.

James is always giving them high-fives and hugs and langley loves that she has a black toboggan like James.  

These 3 have been some sweet big brothers.  We will miss them, but look forward to them making a positive impact wherever God leads them.

Please Just Melt

No school (the college or public schools) for over a week.  Going 5 days without leaving the house.  Freezing, freezing, and more freezing.  We've been trapped.  BUT Praise be to the merciful God, that we never lost power!!!!

Josh worked, but only was able to play the Saturday game.  We won and  clinched 3rd place in our conference!  So, this week, the last week of regular season, he has 3 away games (since last week had to cancel.)  3.  Away.  We're going out with a bang.  

We barely went outside, and I took no pictures - because I guess I didn't need to document "mommy just about losing her mind."

So, that's it.  Just hibernating, looking forward to the ice melting, and cheering on the Eagles from afar!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love & Basketball

We had two more home games last week (wins!) I finally took a few pictures of the team in we have a few memories from the season!  We are currently 13-8 overall, 12-5 in conference play.  

Sunday, February 1, 2015

2 More Wins and a Week of Colds

These pictures don't really portray it, but Aubrey was sick all week and Langley started with the funk on Thursday.  There's been a lot of snot, kleenex, coughing, and sneezing around here...and Josh got to dodge most of it since he had 2 road games.

My heart has been heavy for so many this week.  All the heartache, loss, sickness, and confusion that I've seen and heard of this week have almost been overwhelming at times.  I've spent a lot of time in prayer!

We started the week at the doctor's office.

We had a few nice days so we walked/rode the bike, raked leaves, and played outside.
Yes, I raked 8 bags of leaves during nap time one day!

Last night, I heard the girls singing at the top of their lungs.  I walked back there and they had turned the table upside down, using the legs as microphones.  It was precious and hilarious!!

Be still my heart.

Langley likes to take pictures these days.  I thought this one was pretty good, even though a little bit "up the nose" looking.