Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Has Escaped

The month totally flew by!  Not sure I'll be able to blog much more this week as we are packing and moving more and more each day, but I'll set some posts to publish later so you can have fresh pictures :-)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sleepy Faces and Other Notes

1.  This was one of those "if I just keep running I won't fall asleep" moments.  Langley was such a trooper yesterday as we traveled to Jonesboro for a appliance and furniture shopping/recruiting trip.  This picture was taken just before 2 pm.  She was asleep in her carseat in 30 seconds.  I really was proud of her behavior and attitude yesterday!

 2.  This is tonight after a bath waiting to read books.  She had a crazy day today since we had a moving sale, emptied out our living area besides for a TV and some accent tables, and had people in and out.

*  One day I will actually use my camera instead of my phone to take pictures.
*  I have a sty in my eye AGAIN - 2nd one in 3 weeks.  Annoying. 
* Tomorrow is our last Sunday at Conway's First Baptist.  Sad.  I will miss worshipping with this body of believers so much!
* Langley's foot grew overnight.  Yesterday she wore a size 4 shoe, today I couldn't get her foot in a single pair of shoes.  I had to buy her some size 5's at Target so she wouldn'tbe barefoot at church tomorrow!  Her feet still turn in and they are pretty chubby, so she can't do a lot of the cheap sandals because they make blisters.  I like the Circo version of pedi-peds, they work really well for her right now since they aren't too structured.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back to Reality

Josh and I just spent a few days in Branson alone - no baby- and it was wonderful.  I was able to relax, forget about the stresses of moving, and basically do whatever I wanted without worrying about a nap schedule.  Langley had a great time in Arkadelphia and I was eager to get my hands on her this morning!  She came back taller, with longer hair, and approximately 22 years old.  Oh my word I love this girl!

This picture is so funny to me:  1)  I had just returned from the eye doctor, my pupils were still dialated, and I could see nothing; 2)  Langley looks disheveled with her paci, mismatched shoes, and bed head.

I ran outside as soon as I heard the garage door open and grabbed her out of the car!  She was a little bit confused :-)

Well, I'm off to get Henry from the groomer.  Back to the real world of cooking, cleaning, toddlers, and crazy dogs.  Our reality requires me to get a copy of my silky terrier's health records before we move.  I find this ridiculous and hilarious.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Puppy and Affection

Langley has become so affectionate lately!  She gives lots of hugs and kisses everyday - often out of the blue.  She has even gotten to where she will come and lay down by you or sit in your lap and snuggle.  We love it! 

Also, this week she started saying "puppy,"  and everything is "puppy!" Her babbling can be so hilarious to me.  I really wish I knew what she was saying.  Tonight as I was giving her a bath I sang all kinds of songs to her (bingo was a hit tonight!) and we just talked and talked.  She was totally having a conversation and laughing but I'm pretty sure no real English words were spoken.  I got so tickled.

We went to watch an AAU game tonight and Langley acted so good for 1 quarter.  It was hot in there, so things went down hill pretty quickly after she ran out of snacks and milk. She looked so big sitting on the bleachers in between me and Josh.  She will be 20 months old when our basketball season starts in November.  That sounds absurd!  Hopefully play-doh or something will keep her occupied by that age during games.  If not, I might as well stay home or hire a babysitter if I actually want to watch a game.

One night this week we went to look at furniture and ate dinner downtown.  Langley had too much pizza because I got to experience my first in-the-bath-tub-baby-has-diarrhea episode.  (I am laughing now thinking about it and because I just had to google the correct spelling of diarrhea.)  That was a treat to clean up.  Then just after midnight that night I heard her vomit over the monitor.  Oh my, she threw up everywhere.  I was so thankful Josh was home so we had two people to tag team this situation.  Yuck.  Bless her heart, she was fine after that.  I think she ate too much and is teething.  Oh, the glamour of parenthood!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Favorite Moment

I know I posted this on facebook yesterday, but I just love this picture! 

Yesterday was gorgeous, so we went to a park after naptime.  It was very evident that my child needs more social interaction with other children because she wanted to be all up in the action!  She would have followed a pair of little girls around ( 5 or 6 years old) the whole time if we would let her.  We also noticed a little boy close to Langley's age who was climbing on all the equipment, going up and down stairs, which Langley has never done.  I mentioned this to Josh and he told me he "just wasn't ready" to let her go and watch her get hurt for the sake of learning to climb the playground equipment.  He was very protective over her the whole time. What a sweet daddy!

 I stood back or sat on a bench because I didn't want us to look like the freak parents who don't want their kid to get dirty or hurt.  I think we proved that we were normal when I was holding her hand walking back to the car and somehow she fell and ended up flat on her back in the dirt and I just told her to get up. 

But secretly, inside, all I wanted to do was get home and give her a bath.  I really hate for her to get dirty, but I work really hard to just allow her to get dirty and not flip out.  I really am trying.  I also encourage Josh to play outside with her a lot because sometimes it just sends me over the edge. 

 I think part of it is because I am the one who has do to all the clean up and deal with boo-boos  and do the laundry- and sometimes I'm just already exhausted of those fun tasks and don't want to create anymore work for myself.  Can I get an amen on this?!  Maybe not.  Maybe I'm just a weirdo.  And, I'm definitley not complaining about my current role, but I'm human and no human should enjoy cleaning up after themselves or others 24/7.  Go ahead and amen on that one as well.

So, back to the main point.  The park was fun.  The weather was great.  We came home, played in the back yard, grilled dinner, had a bath and went to bed.  Hallelujah.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Because Downloading Real Pictures Would Require Some Unpacking

We had 2 showings of our house this weekend and got some positive feedback!  Josh is home and the fence at the new house is completed!  We made our moving plans this morning and now we are crossing things off the never-ending list while Langley naps. 

She is such a character.  She is often running (like in the top picture) or clapping/waving/dancing (like the bottom picture.)

Finally, I want to share something from church yesterday.  The sermon was on Psalm 56, about overcoming fear and realizing you have to have God to do so.  This quote from our pastor stuck out for me:  "It is more important to know where God is than to know where You are."  It was like the Lord said, "hey Rachel, I know you are a little scared about moving and you are trying to control everything you can, but you'll be fine as long as you seek after Me - I am in control.  I know where you are, do you know where I am?" 

In. My. Face.
I love it.

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Six

1.  No one ever told me about feeding a toddler.  Specifically, the mess.  I clean up after her constantly.  Constantly.  Naked or clothed, messy food or puffs, it doesn't matter.  She will make a mess.  I am so tired of cleaning up food and spilled milk. 

2.  Henry pooped in my bed again.  I might put him on the market with the house.

3.  We had family pictures made this week.  For a sneak preview click here.

4.  We should have a privacy fence at our new house by the end of the day tomorrow!

5.  Moving day is June 3.

6.  Quick/Easy/Healthy recipe that even the toddler likes:  Whole wheat penne pasta with roasted squash, zuchini, onions, and organic marinara from a jar.  Roast the veggies with evoo salt and pepper, add sauce, cook pasta.  Top with parmasean cheese. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I am so thankful for my mom, grandmothers, mother-in-law, and all the other "moms" I've had in my life.  I was thinking this morning about all my friends moms and how they were so good to me. I hope Langley will have a "momma Karen" or "mama Nancy," maybe even a "momma Trudy" like I did in addition to my real Mom!

Look at this little girl!

 And this little pony tail!

Anyway, today has been nice.  Josh and Henry fixed me cofee and cinnamon rolls this morning and brought them to me in bed.  Total sidenote:  I realized I had never told ya'll that Henry either pooped or brought poop into my bed last week and I didn't know it until much too late.  I can tell you two things for sure;  I was not yelling the word "poop"- it was something a little more harsh- and I completely freaked out.  I took 2 showers, and did 4 loads of laundry between 5 and 7 am.  Also, I threatened Henry's life many many times.

I have felt relaxed and like "pressure's off" for the day.  We went to church and ate Italian food.  Lunch was great.  We did have to inhale our food because Langley threw a fit and we tried to leave before she started throwing her body around.  Real life doesn't stop for Mother's day :-)  We have done some things to prepare for our house going on the market tomorrow and I sat out side to soak up the sun for about an hour and read the paper.  So, it's been nice! 

Things have been very hectic.  Friday I turned in my grades, cleaned out my stuff, left my key and picked up my check at CBC.  I cried as soon as I stepped out of the admin building.  Friday night we attended the athletic banquet.  I cried again because Josh presented Will's family with a framed jersey in honor of Mr. Johnson.  Saturday was graduation.  We are so proud of these guys.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Langley Update

Langley is now 14 months old!

She recently started signing "more."

Henry and Langley start going crazy when they hear the garage door open.

We moved up to a size 5 diaper.  Wearing 18-24 months clothes and size 4 shoes.

I tried to get her to color with crayons.  She refused and only wanted to put all the crayons in a pile, then proceed to pile them up in another location.  I, however, colored.

I discovered she does not like potatoes - mashed or baked.  I find this weird.

She loves to open and close doors.  She makes a sport out of grabbing something she knows she is not supposed to have and running off.

She is constantly moving and making messes - but goes to bed well before 8:00 pm when we are home. 

She babbles all the time, but I don't feel like she says many real words at all.  Oh yeah, and my mom swears she was saying "biscuit" yesterday.  Maybe it was "bite?" 

Toddlerhood is hard (confusing, frustrating, exhausting)  for this mommy!  But, I wouldn't change a thing :-)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's all a blur: Toadsuck 2011

Sorry for the lack of blogging.  Honestly, I find myself busy every moment during the day and too exhausted at night to blog.  I am really trying NOT to meltdown over this whole moving thing.  We are just focusing on one day and one issue at a time. 

And, there were those 4 days where we were completed consumed with Stuck on a Truck - as in Josh didn't really sleep for a few days and once it was over had no idea what day it actually was.  It's all a blur.
Toadsuck weekend was fun.  Our friend Mo was Stuck on a Truck for 94 hours!  Josh was on the overnight pit crew (12-6) each night/morning.  We had so much fun with friends around the truck and checking the webcam every 5 minutes when we weren't actually there.

This was Saturday...

This was Sunday...

The winner set a record with 135 hours...crazy!