Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's all a blur: Toadsuck 2011

Sorry for the lack of blogging.  Honestly, I find myself busy every moment during the day and too exhausted at night to blog.  I am really trying NOT to meltdown over this whole moving thing.  We are just focusing on one day and one issue at a time. 

And, there were those 4 days where we were completed consumed with Stuck on a Truck - as in Josh didn't really sleep for a few days and once it was over had no idea what day it actually was.  It's all a blur.
Toadsuck weekend was fun.  Our friend Mo was Stuck on a Truck for 94 hours!  Josh was on the overnight pit crew (12-6) each night/morning.  We had so much fun with friends around the truck and checking the webcam every 5 minutes when we weren't actually there.

This was Saturday...

This was Sunday...

The winner set a record with 135 hours...crazy! 

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