Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back to Reality

Josh and I just spent a few days in Branson alone - no baby- and it was wonderful.  I was able to relax, forget about the stresses of moving, and basically do whatever I wanted without worrying about a nap schedule.  Langley had a great time in Arkadelphia and I was eager to get my hands on her this morning!  She came back taller, with longer hair, and approximately 22 years old.  Oh my word I love this girl!

This picture is so funny to me:  1)  I had just returned from the eye doctor, my pupils were still dialated, and I could see nothing; 2)  Langley looks disheveled with her paci, mismatched shoes, and bed head.

I ran outside as soon as I heard the garage door open and grabbed her out of the car!  She was a little bit confused :-)

Well, I'm off to get Henry from the groomer.  Back to the real world of cooking, cleaning, toddlers, and crazy dogs.  Our reality requires me to get a copy of my silky terrier's health records before we move.  I find this ridiculous and hilarious.

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