Saturday, May 21, 2011

Puppy and Affection

Langley has become so affectionate lately!  She gives lots of hugs and kisses everyday - often out of the blue.  She has even gotten to where she will come and lay down by you or sit in your lap and snuggle.  We love it! 

Also, this week she started saying "puppy,"  and everything is "puppy!" Her babbling can be so hilarious to me.  I really wish I knew what she was saying.  Tonight as I was giving her a bath I sang all kinds of songs to her (bingo was a hit tonight!) and we just talked and talked.  She was totally having a conversation and laughing but I'm pretty sure no real English words were spoken.  I got so tickled.

We went to watch an AAU game tonight and Langley acted so good for 1 quarter.  It was hot in there, so things went down hill pretty quickly after she ran out of snacks and milk. She looked so big sitting on the bleachers in between me and Josh.  She will be 20 months old when our basketball season starts in November.  That sounds absurd!  Hopefully play-doh or something will keep her occupied by that age during games.  If not, I might as well stay home or hire a babysitter if I actually want to watch a game.

One night this week we went to look at furniture and ate dinner downtown.  Langley had too much pizza because I got to experience my first in-the-bath-tub-baby-has-diarrhea episode.  (I am laughing now thinking about it and because I just had to google the correct spelling of diarrhea.)  That was a treat to clean up.  Then just after midnight that night I heard her vomit over the monitor.  Oh my, she threw up everywhere.  I was so thankful Josh was home so we had two people to tag team this situation.  Yuck.  Bless her heart, she was fine after that.  I think she ate too much and is teething.  Oh, the glamour of parenthood!

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