Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Six

1.  No one ever told me about feeding a toddler.  Specifically, the mess.  I clean up after her constantly.  Constantly.  Naked or clothed, messy food or puffs, it doesn't matter.  She will make a mess.  I am so tired of cleaning up food and spilled milk. 

2.  Henry pooped in my bed again.  I might put him on the market with the house.

3.  We had family pictures made this week.  For a sneak preview click here.

4.  We should have a privacy fence at our new house by the end of the day tomorrow!

5.  Moving day is June 3.

6.  Quick/Easy/Healthy recipe that even the toddler likes:  Whole wheat penne pasta with roasted squash, zuchini, onions, and organic marinara from a jar.  Roast the veggies with evoo salt and pepper, add sauce, cook pasta.  Top with parmasean cheese. 

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