Friday, March 29, 2013

School Easter Egg Hunt

I loaded up the girls yesterday morning for Langley's class easter egg hunt.  

She was smart - went to the opposite side of the playground from everyone else at first and loaded up her basket.

She was sweet and super excited!!!

Can you see her with her hand over her eyes searching for more eggs?  So funny!

 Fun times!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

She Goes All Out

I mentioned Aubrey was pretty sick during Spring Break and also how the whole thing started with her screaming like a maniac an entire night.  Well...

The day after we got home I found these two teeth.  Her first teeth!  Um, this explains some things.

Also since we've been home and she's felt better, she's eaten some puffs and taken a few sips out of a sippy cup!  And totally random:  I switched her from the gum drop pacis to Nuk.  I am a little concerned about the shape of her top gums and I think the Nuk are a little better for her mouth development.  On a normal day she only has a paci at nap and bed time, but I'm glad the new pacis aren't gagging her (like they always had before.)  The switch has not been traumatic, thank you Lord.  (Any type of change is usually extra difficult with her.)

Cutest little mini mouse ever.

So yes, first illness and antibiotics and first teeth all at the same time.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break

Our Spring Break trip was definitely NOT a "vacation."  Let me be clear:  we are extremely grateful for the trip and time with family, but it was work. We would have never been able to provide the beach trip for our girls on our own and Langley had a blast, so, despite the lack of sleep or relaxation, it was worth it and we are thankful for it.

Day 1 - we thought it would be smart to break up the trip so we traveled to Meridian, MS and spent the night at a hotel.  The girls traveled so well!  The day was good, but then Aubrey screamed (like she did as a 4 week old) all night long.  Worst night ever.

Day 2 - we got to the beach, Langley blew lots of bubbles, Josh played ping pong and xbox, we had a little belated birthday party for Langley, and then walked to the beach as a family after a steak dinner.

Day 3 - we took Aubrey to urgent care as soon as it opened and she was diagnosed with croup. Heather and I walked to the beach with Langley just to stick our toes in the sand.  I had a total of 1 hour in the sun the whole trip.  30 minutes while the girls napped and then 30 minutes swimming with Langley in the pool.  Josh took her to the beach and they played in the sand.  Aubrey was awake most of the afternoon, but despite feeling awful was calm and we had a much better night since both girls slept.

Day 4 - Josh, my dad, Jake, and Mckinley went early morning fishing.  It was too chili this day for the pool or beach so everyone slept all day (except us of course.)  We were bored and had to get out so we took the girls to bass pro and to eat japanese food.  When we got back to the beach house we hung out with the family and walked to the beach before bed.

Day 5 - left beach at 5:30 am and drove all the way home.  Girls traveled great and Aubrey was starting to feel better.  It felt amazing to get home, except that it snowed a few hours after we were back!  We all were asleep before 8:30 that night because we were exhausted.

This was the first time the girls had seen the ocean or touched the sand.  I hope we have many more opportunities in the future where we can all enjoy it and stay well!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


My baby is 10 1/2 months old.

She is sometimes freakishly strong.  Crawls everywhere.  Gets up on her knees but hasn't pulled all the way up.  Eats baby food, has gagged and hated table food each time we've tired (noodles, puffs, green bean so far.)  Eats every 3-4 hours during the day, takes 3 naps, and sleeps 11-12 hours at night.  Still on prevacid.  Refuses a sippy cup completely and I've tried a few different kinds.  Gets into EVERYTHING.  Understands "no no" but obviously does not always comply. Loves peekaboo, destroying things, and any toy her sister is playing with.  Claps, gives 5, dances, laughs gives kisses,.  Wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diaper.  Never worn shoes. Flaps both arms and legs and squeals (all at the same time) when she gets excited.

We couldn't love her more!

Sweet Moments Together

It's easy to get lost in the sea of whining, wiping, disciplining, and cleaning up after everyone; but, there are precious moments each day.  Like, when I get Aubrey up in the morning.  Her face is pure joy.  Or when Langley says "good morning Aubrey!" Or when Langley runs and hugs me when I walk in her classroom to pick her up.

I love the dance party's we often have.  When all else fails, break out the tutu's and turn on pandora!  Yesterday Aubrey "danced" with us for the first time and I thought my heart would explode as she bobbed up and down with the biggest smile!

There's also times when we all get tickled and laugh together or at each other.  Baby laughs are heavenly.

The girls are playing together more and interacting better each day.  Aubrey adores Langley.

And I adore them both!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week in Review

Monday and Tuesday Langley went to school and I tried to recover and clean up from the previous week and party.

I wish I could understand why she either refuses to look at the camera...

Or gives me this look...

Or this.

Wednesday, Aubrey had a friend over.

Thursday, I took both girls to Langley's 3 year check up.  She is in the 95% for height and 78% for weight.  Healthy and right on track developmentally!  We had to run a few more errands while we were in Jonesboro and I'm not going to lie, I feel like such superwoman when I get them both out by myself (early!  dressed and clean!) and get things accomplished without any meltdowns.

Isn't this a cute picture?  She was spinning on the stool :-)

Friday and Saturday we hung out mostly at home.  Aubrey has been all over the place.  She spends most of the time clapping, crawling, yelling at me for not having her food ready, and napping.  She gets into everything.

Yesterday I took the girls to the softball game, which was fun, and then I went to a trivia night fundraiser after Josh got home from the state finals and working on our house in Conway. 

It's a rainy Sunday, so maybe we will just rest and reload for another week :-)