Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our Seniors

These 6 guys are my favorite group of seniors that we've had.  They are some of the most respectful, fun, kind, smart, and brave players that Josh has ever coached.  Over the past 7 years, there have been some special players, one's I'll never forget (for various reasons,) and some that have become part of our family.  This year's group of seniors, though, are the best yet.

I'm so thankful for each of them.

#1, Rashad Danzy.  Josh recruited Rashad to come to Conway, but they quickly formed a bond and he came to Williams with us the year we moved.  Rashad is from Brooklyn, NY.  He's 6'7.  He stands out in a crowd.  He has been an awesome leader, great communicator and motivator, and has faced some very unfair circumstances this year with humility and integrity.  He is a part of our family.  Langley won't understand why "shad" isn't here next year.  We look forward to cheering him on as he graduates and pursues a master's and does great things.

#3 Phillip Sykes.  We "inherited" Phillip.  He was already at Williams and has been a great asset to the program.  He has been a great leader on the court, bringing energy and passion to the game.  I remember a month or so into school last year he asked me if I knew his name and I totally guessed wrong...I felt so bad! But, we will always remember "Hop."  Langley always asks about him and Aubrey lets him hold her a lot.  He's made some huge plays for us this year and we look forward to him having continued success off the court.

#4, Zabian Sanders.  Zay is a great guy.  Smart, hardworking, and also the baby whisperer.   This summer while Aubrey was screaming every waking hour, he came to work camp.  She got upset and he sang to her right there in the concession stand and she fell asleep.  He puts her at ease and is now one of her favorite people.  I will never forget it.  Zay is going to to great things in this world with his intelligence and kindness.

#22, Maurice Templeton.  We also inherited "Mo."  I don't know him very well, because he tends to be more quiet and reserved when I've been around.  But let me tell you this about Mo, he is beloved by his teammates and his coach.  This guy had the game of his life when we needed him the most.  His character is outstanding.  He didn't play much at first, but when he was called up, this guy left everything he had on the court.  Every time.  I've been told he never complained and worked hard.  He has heart, and that is something we all admire.

#23, Kyle Harvey.  Unassuming.  That's the word I use to describe Kyle, the legend from Corning, AR  :-) My husband told me that Kyle is not only one of the best players he's ever coached, he's the best person.  When I look at Kyle I wouldn't think he would be the leading scorer on the team, much less the 12th leading scorer in the nation. But, he will go down as one of the best players WBC ever had.  Also, probably the best Josh ever coached, that he never recruited.  Kyle is an all-around great guy.  He comes from an awesome family who are the most welcoming and accepting people I've met.  He works hard and will do great things wherever the Lord leads him.

#31, Chase Norwood.  I don't know Chase that well, but I often hear about his hard work, loyalty, and team-oriented attitude.  Chase has been so fun to watch on the court.  He usually has some huge dunks, making him a crowd-favorite.  I know he will do great things in life and we look forward to rejoicing with him   as he graduates and makes his way in the world.  The past month or so, Chase has been the first player Langley asks about, so he's definitely made an impression on our family.

This group led us to a 19-12 season.  

As you can see, Josh has some recruiting to do !!  

Ya'll , our team - and specifically these seniors, have been our family the 2 years we've been here.  We are so blessed to call them "ours."  I have loved every second of having them in our house.  I've never seen so many college age guys who can carry on a conversation, be respectful, and fun, and work hard, and be trust worthy.  Now, just as I say about my daughters, these guys are not perfect, but they are precious to us.  

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