Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break

Our Spring Break trip was definitely NOT a "vacation."  Let me be clear:  we are extremely grateful for the trip and time with family, but it was work. We would have never been able to provide the beach trip for our girls on our own and Langley had a blast, so, despite the lack of sleep or relaxation, it was worth it and we are thankful for it.

Day 1 - we thought it would be smart to break up the trip so we traveled to Meridian, MS and spent the night at a hotel.  The girls traveled so well!  The day was good, but then Aubrey screamed (like she did as a 4 week old) all night long.  Worst night ever.

Day 2 - we got to the beach, Langley blew lots of bubbles, Josh played ping pong and xbox, we had a little belated birthday party for Langley, and then walked to the beach as a family after a steak dinner.

Day 3 - we took Aubrey to urgent care as soon as it opened and she was diagnosed with croup. Heather and I walked to the beach with Langley just to stick our toes in the sand.  I had a total of 1 hour in the sun the whole trip.  30 minutes while the girls napped and then 30 minutes swimming with Langley in the pool.  Josh took her to the beach and they played in the sand.  Aubrey was awake most of the afternoon, but despite feeling awful was calm and we had a much better night since both girls slept.

Day 4 - Josh, my dad, Jake, and Mckinley went early morning fishing.  It was too chili this day for the pool or beach so everyone slept all day (except us of course.)  We were bored and had to get out so we took the girls to bass pro and to eat japanese food.  When we got back to the beach house we hung out with the family and walked to the beach before bed.

Day 5 - left beach at 5:30 am and drove all the way home.  Girls traveled great and Aubrey was starting to feel better.  It felt amazing to get home, except that it snowed a few hours after we were back!  We all were asleep before 8:30 that night because we were exhausted.

This was the first time the girls had seen the ocean or touched the sand.  I hope we have many more opportunities in the future where we can all enjoy it and stay well!

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