Friday, March 1, 2013

Langley's Birthday!

Today has been an emotional day.   I was a mess.  My baby turning 3 (and my other baby turning 10 months) really hit me hard.  

That, combined with the fact that Josh has to be gone and we can't go to (what is probably the last) game. And, the girls are over the constant "hi and bye" with their daddy.  And, we very unexpectedly got an offer on our house today right before Josh was leaving!  I've been crying most of the day.

The girls are in bed and I'm exhausted :-)  These pictures made me smile.  We are not doing her party until Sunday, but did our best to make today special for her.

She woke up early and Josh got up with her.  They opened presents without me, but that's okay!  I walked in the living room and she was in Josh's lap wearing her new life jacket!

We put a candle in the eggo waffle and sang happy birthday bright and early.

She painted with her new watercolors for an hour after breakfast!

Her snack this afternoon was ice cream with chocolate syrup and sprinkles - and she asked me to sing happy birthday again!

I tried to get some pictures in her chair with the teddy bear like I did when she was a baby, this was about the best we got.

This girl is so loved.  

I'm not going to lie, 3 is going to be ferocious.  We've already experienced some of the "thrashing threes." No one ever talks about 3, you hear about 2.  In my experience, 2 was mild.  3 is  a little scary!

I pray every day that I can point her to Jesus, that she will accept Him as her Savior at an early age and live her life passionately for the Lord.  Langley is so full of life, she puts a smile on everyone's face, and knows how to work a crowd.  She loves to sing and dance and color and do "craps."  (crafts)  She is smart and social and sweet and we are so proud of her.  I love this girl so much it hurts.

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