Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We've had a pretty good week so far.  Some long days, but really I can't believe it's already the end of Wednesday. The weather has been great, but the pollen is pretty crazy so allergies have kept me and Langley inside more than we would like.

I've done my normal chores, Josh has had off season and recruits coming in, we finished assembling Aubrey's furniture, and Langley learned how to put her own shoes on today. 

I also had my doctor's appointment Monday.  Everything looks good, I've gained 20 pounds, and I start getting checked at my next appointment.  Dr. Layton won't commit to anything, but I think she is wanting to schedule an induction for 39 weeks...I'm for it!

I've been adding things to my list as fast as I cross things off!  I think I'm done with Langley's spring/summer wardrobe, and I have plenty of newborn clothes so my children will not be naked this summer :-)  I just need to arrange Aubrey's furniture and wash clothes and organize her room and then my panic level will go down a little.  We've completed something on "the list"  everyday, so I'm able to get more excited and less panicked every day!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break Highlights

*  We traveled to our home towns and spent time with both families.
*  Had a (successful!) garage sale at my Nanny's.
*  Had another baby shower for Aubrey hosted by my inlaws.
*  Josh and Langley traveled to Wickes and Mena and saw family.
*  I survived my first pregnant stomach virus.
*  Josh did a lot of yard work and we began crossing things off our "Before Aubrey To-Do List."
*  Langley played outside a lot.
*  Watched a lot of basketball on TV. 
* Had dinner with friends, went to church, did some shopping, took naps.

Josh, Langley, and Papaw Piearcey

Me and Langley modeling some of the garage sale treasures we had for sale.

Playing with Cason...

The power wheels have to be confined to the back yard...

I go back to the doctor tomorrow for my 34 week appointment!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 Year Stats

Langley had her 2 year well child check today.  I'm so thankful for my healthy child!

Height:  35 1/4 in.  (80%)
Weight:  29 lbs (80 %)

She got one immunization and had her finger pricked, which caused major screams that just lasted a few seconds.  She's still tough!

As I suspected, she is behind in a few areas of her speech.  Specifically, she does not use any pronouns, or refer to herself by her name, or say many 3 or more word phrases.  Our APN said it is an articulation problem, probably enhanced by the fact that she doesn't go to school and she is the first child.  Her hearing was checked and it is fine.  The APN talked directly to Langley a lot and asked her several questions.  She said she is smart, that she is not worried, and that speech therapy is not neccessary.  We will reevaluate her speech in 4 or 5 months and if the speech has not really progressed we will discuss therapy.

She is right on target with everything else, except she can't jump and get both feet off the ground.  Refer to the stats, that's a lot to get in the air :-)  She does try to jump and yells "jump" as she's doing it, so I think this gross motor skill will come quickly.

Back to the speech thing, she doesn't call many people by name, so I think it's too funny that she sometimes calls her daddy "Josh" and knows the neighbor's dog's name is Libby (which comes out wiwee.) 

It was also funny today that while we were waiting to see the APN, Langley was sobbing.  Crying so loud and uncontrollably.  I was so embarrassed.  BUT, she totally rallied and answered all of the questions correctly and nailed the "interview" portion of her appointment.  At that point, I was so relieved.  That's my girl!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Shower for Aubrey!

Mary, Maranda, and April through a joint shower for Me (and Aubrey) and Jill (and Kinsley) on Monday!  They were so sweet and everyone was generous!!  Jill is due 2.5 weeks before me and this will be her first girl, so I got Kinsley and Aubrey matching gowns!

I had a great time visiting, opening presents, and eating the yummy snacks.  For the record, they had the best cake balls I've ever had.

Aubrey got some cute outfits, diapers,  gift cards, and other essentials.  A lot of the gifts were from people I don't know very well at all, everyone has been so kind!

It has started to feel so "real" that we are actually having another baby.  Seeing her name on things is kind of crazy!!  I was so energized and excited when I got home from the shower.  Josh has a huge to-do list for Spring Break, we've got to get this girl's room ready!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Langley Lately

Still into reading.

Her newest thing is to say "shorry, move."  It's hilarious.  "Shorry" is sorry.  She still won't say please very often, but will say "thank you" so the manners are improving.

She tries to jump and loves to run and dance around.

She's been singing the same song constantly for 2 weeks and we have no idea what it is.

 In the past 3 weeks or so she's started sleeping with a bear.  It seems to comfort her and really is cute.  Now, I just have to remember it when we go somewhere overnight.

 She watched her full length movie over the weekend.  She does not pay attention to disney movies yet, but watched all of Cars.  It just so happens I enjoy that movie, too!

She also had her first real phone conversation over the weekend.  Josh was gone recruiting and she really talked to him (no one could understand most of it) and responded to questions when he called.  It was a hilarious delight for us!

Her mood is pretty typical for a 2 year old.  She has her best days when mommy is consistent, even-keeled, and takes time to explain things to her.

Of course there are times when we take her out in public and she has our number, as in makes us look like "those parents."  Oh well.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daddy daughter photo shoot

Bored on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Only Pictures on the Camera

I didn't take many photos this week.

 Langley is getting more interested in Aubrey's room, which is still just a storage/disaster area.  We keep it gated off so the baby stuff is even more enticing for her some days.

I need to get the girl a bigger "big sis" shirt.  She has had a growth spurt this week.  Which explains the constant begging to eat.

And the obsession with putting every piece of the kitchen set and fake food in her mouth.

I guess it's convenient when a growth spurt happens when the seasons are changing.  It may not look so bad here but this shirt showed her belly all day and the pants were totally too short.  Don't worry, we stayed at home!

She's getting so tall and "little girl" looking.  Look at my chunky monkey baby just 6 months ago...

I'm Not an Artist or a Preschool Teacher...

but I set a goal (I don't do resolutions)  for this year to do some kind of art project with Langley each week.  She is getting more into coloring, but sometimes she is interested in our project for only 1 or 2 minutes.  I've been picking up on new things she's learned and trying to reinforce them in the project.  For example:  snow, heart, circles, star.  I'm not very creative (or motivated some days) so we keep it simple and use what we have.  I display what she worked on for the week on a cute hanger I got for Christmas.  This thing keeps me accountable :-)

Other things Langley has been doing:

- she likes to "count."  Her normal way of counting is 2,3,5,2.  If I start with 1, she will finish 2,3.
- I love it when I ask her how old she is and she responds, "2!"
-  she took the diaper off of her baby doll, layed down and tried to put it on herself, then came over to me and tried to put it on my belly for Aubrey.  I laughed so hard!
- napping really well...hopefully I'm not jinxing this.  I've been sleeping or getting in bed every day during her nap.
-  i think her favorite part of playing with blocks is putting them away.  She gets so excited to pull them apart and put them in the bag 99% of time.
- she likes to be a helper and loves getting to throw things in the trash can.
- sing in her microphone or an ice cream cone from her kitchen set.  She's been singing the same song for a week and we can't figure out what it is.  We just laugh and sing a long with her at this point.

Well, it is supposed to pour down rain all day, our yard and road are already almost flooded.  I'm kind of glad for a rainy day since it will wash all the dirt, pollen and smoke out of the air!  The farmers have been plowing and burning and the wind has been outrageous this week.  We may stay in our pj's all day and attempt another art project!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spur of the Moment

The Eagles lost Thursday night and basketball season is over.  We averaged losing games by 3 points this season.  Three.  So close, yet so far away.

Anyway, Josh got home late Thursday and I knew he was sad and I was emotional about the season being over, so I couldn't sleep.  I came up with a plan that would allow him to recruit and us not to be alone all weekend.  I'm not a real spur of the moment person, but it all worked out perfectly!  We (Josh, Me, Langley) left Friday afternoon and headed to North Little Rock.  We checked into a hotel, then headed to Pine Bluff for a state tournament game. 

We got back to the hotel and had a late night snack of Cracker Barrell, and Langley and I actually slept great.  We were up early, ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel (it was right in front of our hotel,) then walked around academy sports and used a gift card to buy a few things, before having lunch at Chilis.  I discovered that I could drink 5 gallons of their strawberry lemonade per day.

Finally, we headed to Cabot to watch another play off game and got to see some dear folks from Conway.  We came home after that.  Langley was so so good.  The game times and many other factors worked out perfectly for us to have a short family getaway/recruiting trip!  We all had a good time and were able to look forward to the next few months and next season.  After we got home we unloaded, Josh bathed Langley, and then he headed to Greene County Tech to watch a few more games.

As I told Josh (of course I was crying,) our team this year, I think is the best we've had - with the worst record.  They are definitley the hardest working, highest character group we've ever had.  This first year has been such an adjustment for everyone.  I would move again for every one of them.  Those guys - their effort, their talent, their heart, and their love and respect for Josh, Langley and our family - are the only reason this season has been bearable.  They are worth it.  Next year will be better.

I have to tell you, 2 of our players were saved this year.  I think you would all agree with me that their salvation is more important and more exciting than any win on the basketball court.  Praise God!

Now we adjust to eating dinner together every night again.  We adjust to co-parenting, and spending time together and actually having Josh home at bed time.  I'm praying we can do this quickly and without my pregnant emotions causing too many arguments this year :-)

Sorry no pictures in this post- it was spur of the moment!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Day Langley Turned 2

We woke up with a 2 year old! 

Josh was here this morning so he got her up and we gave her gifts from us - mega blocks and playdoh.  We keep it really simple because she is showered with gifts from our family and friends already.  After Josh had to leave she requested waffles for breakfast.

After breakfast we played with the playdoh at the table.  She doesn't quite get it. 

Then we cuddled and watched sesame street together.  After I got her dressed we went to check the mail and she got lots of cards and packages from loved ones!  We played with her new blocks some before Papa got here.  My dad got to visit for 2 hours, which was nice!  It would have been a very lonley and kind of sad day for me if he wouldn't have gotten to drop in.

After he left it was nap time.  She got balloons delivered while she was asleep and was super excited about them.

We both slept and then went on a short walk.  When we got back inside, she was all about the blocks!

So, we had hot dogs for dinner (her favorite) and we are now just playing and watching "T!"  also known as wheel of fortune before bath and bed time.

I have let her listen to all of her birthday wishes on my voicemail, see them on the computer, and read every card.  She's also been wished a happy birthday by some of our neighbors.  Thank you for loving my baby. 

I love her so much it hurts.