Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Shower for Aubrey!

Mary, Maranda, and April through a joint shower for Me (and Aubrey) and Jill (and Kinsley) on Monday!  They were so sweet and everyone was generous!!  Jill is due 2.5 weeks before me and this will be her first girl, so I got Kinsley and Aubrey matching gowns!

I had a great time visiting, opening presents, and eating the yummy snacks.  For the record, they had the best cake balls I've ever had.

Aubrey got some cute outfits, diapers,  gift cards, and other essentials.  A lot of the gifts were from people I don't know very well at all, everyone has been so kind!

It has started to feel so "real" that we are actually having another baby.  Seeing her name on things is kind of crazy!!  I was so energized and excited when I got home from the shower.  Josh has a huge to-do list for Spring Break, we've got to get this girl's room ready!

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