Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Only Pictures on the Camera

I didn't take many photos this week.

 Langley is getting more interested in Aubrey's room, which is still just a storage/disaster area.  We keep it gated off so the baby stuff is even more enticing for her some days.

I need to get the girl a bigger "big sis" shirt.  She has had a growth spurt this week.  Which explains the constant begging to eat.

And the obsession with putting every piece of the kitchen set and fake food in her mouth.

I guess it's convenient when a growth spurt happens when the seasons are changing.  It may not look so bad here but this shirt showed her belly all day and the pants were totally too short.  Don't worry, we stayed at home!

She's getting so tall and "little girl" looking.  Look at my chunky monkey baby just 6 months ago...

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