Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Day Langley Turned 2

We woke up with a 2 year old! 

Josh was here this morning so he got her up and we gave her gifts from us - mega blocks and playdoh.  We keep it really simple because she is showered with gifts from our family and friends already.  After Josh had to leave she requested waffles for breakfast.

After breakfast we played with the playdoh at the table.  She doesn't quite get it. 

Then we cuddled and watched sesame street together.  After I got her dressed we went to check the mail and she got lots of cards and packages from loved ones!  We played with her new blocks some before Papa got here.  My dad got to visit for 2 hours, which was nice!  It would have been a very lonley and kind of sad day for me if he wouldn't have gotten to drop in.

After he left it was nap time.  She got balloons delivered while she was asleep and was super excited about them.

We both slept and then went on a short walk.  When we got back inside, she was all about the blocks!

So, we had hot dogs for dinner (her favorite) and we are now just playing and watching "T!"  also known as wheel of fortune before bath and bed time.

I have let her listen to all of her birthday wishes on my voicemail, see them on the computer, and read every card.  She's also been wished a happy birthday by some of our neighbors.  Thank you for loving my baby. 

I love her so much it hurts.

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