Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break Highlights

*  We traveled to our home towns and spent time with both families.
*  Had a (successful!) garage sale at my Nanny's.
*  Had another baby shower for Aubrey hosted by my inlaws.
*  Josh and Langley traveled to Wickes and Mena and saw family.
*  I survived my first pregnant stomach virus.
*  Josh did a lot of yard work and we began crossing things off our "Before Aubrey To-Do List."
*  Langley played outside a lot.
*  Watched a lot of basketball on TV. 
* Had dinner with friends, went to church, did some shopping, took naps.

Josh, Langley, and Papaw Piearcey

Me and Langley modeling some of the garage sale treasures we had for sale.

Playing with Cason...

The power wheels have to be confined to the back yard...

I go back to the doctor tomorrow for my 34 week appointment!

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