Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Not an Artist or a Preschool Teacher...

but I set a goal (I don't do resolutions)  for this year to do some kind of art project with Langley each week.  She is getting more into coloring, but sometimes she is interested in our project for only 1 or 2 minutes.  I've been picking up on new things she's learned and trying to reinforce them in the project.  For example:  snow, heart, circles, star.  I'm not very creative (or motivated some days) so we keep it simple and use what we have.  I display what she worked on for the week on a cute hanger I got for Christmas.  This thing keeps me accountable :-)

Other things Langley has been doing:

- she likes to "count."  Her normal way of counting is 2,3,5,2.  If I start with 1, she will finish 2,3.
- I love it when I ask her how old she is and she responds, "2!"
-  she took the diaper off of her baby doll, layed down and tried to put it on herself, then came over to me and tried to put it on my belly for Aubrey.  I laughed so hard!
- napping really well...hopefully I'm not jinxing this.  I've been sleeping or getting in bed every day during her nap.
-  i think her favorite part of playing with blocks is putting them away.  She gets so excited to pull them apart and put them in the bag 99% of time.
- she likes to be a helper and loves getting to throw things in the trash can.
- sing in her microphone or an ice cream cone from her kitchen set.  She's been singing the same song for a week and we can't figure out what it is.  We just laugh and sing a long with her at this point.

Well, it is supposed to pour down rain all day, our yard and road are already almost flooded.  I'm kind of glad for a rainy day since it will wash all the dirt, pollen and smoke out of the air!  The farmers have been plowing and burning and the wind has been outrageous this week.  We may stay in our pj's all day and attempt another art project!

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