Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Langley Lately

Still into reading.

Her newest thing is to say "shorry, move."  It's hilarious.  "Shorry" is sorry.  She still won't say please very often, but will say "thank you" so the manners are improving.

She tries to jump and loves to run and dance around.

She's been singing the same song constantly for 2 weeks and we have no idea what it is.

 In the past 3 weeks or so she's started sleeping with a bear.  It seems to comfort her and really is cute.  Now, I just have to remember it when we go somewhere overnight.

 She watched her full length movie over the weekend.  She does not pay attention to disney movies yet, but watched all of Cars.  It just so happens I enjoy that movie, too!

She also had her first real phone conversation over the weekend.  Josh was gone recruiting and she really talked to him (no one could understand most of it) and responded to questions when he called.  It was a hilarious delight for us!

Her mood is pretty typical for a 2 year old.  She has her best days when mommy is consistent, even-keeled, and takes time to explain things to her.

Of course there are times when we take her out in public and she has our number, as in makes us look like "those parents."  Oh well.

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