Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 Year Stats

Langley had her 2 year well child check today.  I'm so thankful for my healthy child!

Height:  35 1/4 in.  (80%)
Weight:  29 lbs (80 %)

She got one immunization and had her finger pricked, which caused major screams that just lasted a few seconds.  She's still tough!

As I suspected, she is behind in a few areas of her speech.  Specifically, she does not use any pronouns, or refer to herself by her name, or say many 3 or more word phrases.  Our APN said it is an articulation problem, probably enhanced by the fact that she doesn't go to school and she is the first child.  Her hearing was checked and it is fine.  The APN talked directly to Langley a lot and asked her several questions.  She said she is smart, that she is not worried, and that speech therapy is not neccessary.  We will reevaluate her speech in 4 or 5 months and if the speech has not really progressed we will discuss therapy.

She is right on target with everything else, except she can't jump and get both feet off the ground.  Refer to the stats, that's a lot to get in the air :-)  She does try to jump and yells "jump" as she's doing it, so I think this gross motor skill will come quickly.

Back to the speech thing, she doesn't call many people by name, so I think it's too funny that she sometimes calls her daddy "Josh" and knows the neighbor's dog's name is Libby (which comes out wiwee.) 

It was also funny today that while we were waiting to see the APN, Langley was sobbing.  Crying so loud and uncontrollably.  I was so embarrassed.  BUT, she totally rallied and answered all of the questions correctly and nailed the "interview" portion of her appointment.  At that point, I was so relieved.  That's my girl!


Becky said...

I love the "Jump" thing- Cate used to do that too. :)

Anonymous said...

She's so cute!! Weston learned to jump off of things before he learned to jump up with both feet. We worked on that for a while...we jumped OFF everything and after about a month..he got it..LOL!!