Friday, October 29, 2010

Some Pictures

A Cheesy Smile!

The shoes that stayed on approximately 18 seconds.

This face makes me laugh.  It's kind of "Zoolanderish."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm About to Pad the Walls

Langley has bumped her head 37 times in the last 2 days.  Just yesterday, she hit her head on the floor and the coffee table twice each.  Then, I bumped her dang head when I was getting her in the car.  As a result, at bedtime she had 2 red knots on her head, along with the bruise on her leg (which was a result of me holding her and trying to feed the dog simultaneously.)  Mommy guilt.

This week she has become so mobile and very into exploring.  I let her roam pretty freely when I'm watching.  I constantly move her out from under the cofee table, away from the DVD's that are on the bottom shelf of the entertainment center, and the off storage boxes in her closet.  She really wants to pull up and climb.  Dear God, please not yet.

So, I'm trying to let her test out all her new physical skills, but I feel so bad when she hurts herself.  To give us both credit, she goes back to the same activity 30 minutes after every accident.

Just now, before her last nap, I sat in her room and watched her pull the toy box off her shelf, empty said toy box, and proceed to pull every book off of the same shelf.  She had a mess made!  But, as she strained and reached for the last book to pull of the shelf (the baby Bible, no less) she slipped on another book and hit her mouth.  [ for the record there was no blood or mark.]  Poor baby. 

Am I doing the right thing?  I have to struggle to not let my control-freak, super-over-protective side take over, but a cage sounds better at the end of a long day (when the baby is screaming bloody murder because I let her crawl, and try to pull up, and make enormous messes.)

She's already accident prone!  I wonder where she gets that from?

In other news, gosh we've had a hectic week!

Last night we had the team over for dinner.  It went well!  We have a good group!  They were happy, hungry, and grateful!  Langley had reached her limit right before 8:00, so I took her back to her room and shut the door and fed her.  Then all the sudden I hear a faint "Mrs. Austin?  Mrs. Austin?  Where are you?"  I opened the door and half thet eam was crammed into my narrow hallway to tell me thank you and say "bye."  That was sweet -- College athletes (or any people that age) are not always that pleasant!

I'll try to post tomorrow with pictures, that is when I have time in between kissing boo-boos and keeping my child from licking my shoes.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Preseason Ranking

CBC Men's Basketball ranked 2nd in the Preseason Poll, released Monday.  This is our first year eligible for NAIA post season, so I feel good about this (but what do I know.)  The AII is actually the "conference" of Independent schools.  Which basically means we do not have a conference schedule, but we go to a post season tournament comprised of other independent (not in a conference) schools.  Kind of confusing.  I call it the "Independent Conference" or the "not in a conference - conference."

Anywho.  You can see all the NAIA DII pre season rankings here.  Johnson & Wales we're comin' for ya!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010: Picture Overload

We went to Schaeffer's Pumpkin Patch in Mayflower Saturday morning!  I took an obnoxious amount of pictures.  There are tons in this post, but there are even more I left out.  I mean, how many pictures do you really want to see of Langley looking down.  She was so intrigued with the hay and pumkins and everything else, she would absolutely not even look up.

 We went on the hayride out to the patch last, so Langley got a little sleepy on the ride.  How cute is that pumpkin hat?!  She got lots of comments :-)

 We only picked 2 pumpkins because we didn't think we could carry 3. 

 This could be the perfect little pumpkin.

Fun times!  I'm thankful we had a little family time out of the house.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wrestling @ CBC

CBC is one of two Colleges in the state to have Varsity Wrestling!  Wrestling is still very new in Arkansas and very new to CBC.  The team hosted an intersquad match (I really have no idea if that would be correct terminology) Friday night to introduce the CBC Wrestlers.  Coach Prophete was very smart and had information sheets about scoring and terms, however, I had no idea what was going on.  Our wrestlers were paired by weight class and "fought (?) " for a few minutes or until someone got 10 points.  It was much more interesting than I had expected! 

I have some of the wrestlers in class and they think I'm crazy because I have no knowledge about their sport.  No reference point.  Nothing.  Last night all I wanted to know was how do we tell who wins - that's when someone handed me the info sheet :-)  This is not WWE or UFC stuff you see on TV.

 The guy above in Blue was in the movie Never Back Down. 

 These were the big boys!

Langley enjoyed herself, too!  We used last night as a practice run for getting in a late nap and being at the gym by 7:00 - getting ready for basketball season!

Wrestling has the same season as basketball, so if you're in Conway and want something different, come cheer on our CBC wrestlers! 

A funny side note:  I took several more pictures last night, but these guys find themselves in quite the akward situations and, ahem, positions , some were just too much to post :-) 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Busy Week

Let's see.  This week Langley pulled the BABY PROOF outlet cover OUT of the outlet and STARTED CRAWLING!  She crawled across her bedroom last night and I wasn't expecting it, so all I had was my phone.  I did video the last half of her journey, but it was on my phone and I don't know how to get it on my computer!  I got some footage of the crawling today so I'll share that once I get motivated enough to download a few months of video off the camera :-) 

Josh had his first scrimmage.  We didn't go, but we watched film later that evening -- this is our life.  Truth be told, I'm ready for November!  October is always hard for me.  Husband works ALOT, and it's mostly practice, so it's not like I go and watch or have anything to get excited about.  But, when it's game time, it makes the long hours and time away much more bearable!  I'm ready -- and also wondering how Langley is going to do. 

We've run lots of errands and done much more-than-usual housework.  I was motivated to clean and straighten the house, which does not happen very often, so I just went with it.  Hopefully I won't have many chore this weekend and we can just enjoy some down time.

I'm really hoping to get a trip to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend!  Too bad it's going to be 85 degrees and not so fall-ish.

Gotta go -- my child is crawling towards the trashcan.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I Want to Remember


You have become obsessed with feet and shoes -- not your own -- you try to chew on my shoe multiple times a day.

You can sit yourself back up from a laying down position.  It's so pitiful to see you sititng up in your bed (which we lowered) crying!

If we are both in the floor, you want to crawl ON me.

You now reach for people.  The first time you reached for me, I nearly exploded.  It was like your first smile.  It was a gift!

A lot of your whining and crying has been replaced with yelling.  YELLING. 

I've altered your nap schedule, well really, I've made it more scheduled.  Naps are now at 10 and 2, and then a late one whenever, but normally around 5:30.  In the morning, you eat and play and then watch a movie, then I give you a bath and put you to bed around 10.  Keeping you up until 2 can sometimes be challenge (for both of us) but I've found sticking to these times have really helped your mood. Your naps are nearly always 1 hour or more!

You are so popular everywhere you go.  Today at the doctors office and post office, I literally had to butt in on the "how sweet, she's precious, look at that smile, etc" to get service!  I love it though! You are a sweet girl and love the atttention.

Also, you're hilarious.  Hilarious.

Below is photo documentation of you emptying the little toy box in your room.  You pulled each toy out one at a time. Some toys got briefly chewed on, but it was like you were doing inventory. 

Determination, I tell ya!

I love you!  

Monday, October 18, 2010