Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I Want to Remember


You have become obsessed with feet and shoes -- not your own -- you try to chew on my shoe multiple times a day.

You can sit yourself back up from a laying down position.  It's so pitiful to see you sititng up in your bed (which we lowered) crying!

If we are both in the floor, you want to crawl ON me.

You now reach for people.  The first time you reached for me, I nearly exploded.  It was like your first smile.  It was a gift!

A lot of your whining and crying has been replaced with yelling.  YELLING. 

I've altered your nap schedule, well really, I've made it more scheduled.  Naps are now at 10 and 2, and then a late one whenever, but normally around 5:30.  In the morning, you eat and play and then watch a movie, then I give you a bath and put you to bed around 10.  Keeping you up until 2 can sometimes be challenge (for both of us) but I've found sticking to these times have really helped your mood. Your naps are nearly always 1 hour or more!

You are so popular everywhere you go.  Today at the doctors office and post office, I literally had to butt in on the "how sweet, she's precious, look at that smile, etc" to get service!  I love it though! You are a sweet girl and love the atttention.

Also, you're hilarious.  Hilarious.

Below is photo documentation of you emptying the little toy box in your room.  You pulled each toy out one at a time. Some toys got briefly chewed on, but it was like you were doing inventory. 

Determination, I tell ya!

I love you!  

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