Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wrestling @ CBC

CBC is one of two Colleges in the state to have Varsity Wrestling!  Wrestling is still very new in Arkansas and very new to CBC.  The team hosted an intersquad match (I really have no idea if that would be correct terminology) Friday night to introduce the CBC Wrestlers.  Coach Prophete was very smart and had information sheets about scoring and terms, however, I had no idea what was going on.  Our wrestlers were paired by weight class and "fought (?) " for a few minutes or until someone got 10 points.  It was much more interesting than I had expected! 

I have some of the wrestlers in class and they think I'm crazy because I have no knowledge about their sport.  No reference point.  Nothing.  Last night all I wanted to know was how do we tell who wins - that's when someone handed me the info sheet :-)  This is not WWE or UFC stuff you see on TV.

 The guy above in Blue was in the movie Never Back Down. 

 These were the big boys!

Langley enjoyed herself, too!  We used last night as a practice run for getting in a late nap and being at the gym by 7:00 - getting ready for basketball season!

Wrestling has the same season as basketball, so if you're in Conway and want something different, come cheer on our CBC wrestlers! 

A funny side note:  I took several more pictures last night, but these guys find themselves in quite the akward situations and, ahem, positions , some were just too much to post :-) 

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