Sunday, October 3, 2010

My day of quiet.

Today I needed rest.  I needed silence.  I needed a break.  I needed alone time. 

Even though Josh doesn't understand why, he took Langley to church and out of the house for several hours today so I could have silence in my house.  Thank you, Lord.

I worked around the house and on school stuff in the quiet, with doors and windows open, sun shining.  It was refreshing.  Thank you, Lord.

I'm pretty introverted.  On the Myers-Briggs test my extroversion and introversion were 1 point apart.  So, I need my time, sometimes,  to refocus. 

I'm ready to face the week.  I appreciate my husband more.  I appreciate my daughter more, and can look past her horrible whining sounds for a little longer before I want to put cotton in my ears.  Please God, let a tooth come through.  Just so I'll know my child isn't turning evil, and I'm not doing everything wrong. 

I'm ready for my loves to come home now!

One smile. 

I did send her to church today because she'd been fever free since Saturday before lunch.  She wasn't herself yesterday, and this morning was just very fussy, but we all benefitted from her being able to go to the nursery today. Teething.  Yay.

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