Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm About to Pad the Walls

Langley has bumped her head 37 times in the last 2 days.  Just yesterday, she hit her head on the floor and the coffee table twice each.  Then, I bumped her dang head when I was getting her in the car.  As a result, at bedtime she had 2 red knots on her head, along with the bruise on her leg (which was a result of me holding her and trying to feed the dog simultaneously.)  Mommy guilt.

This week she has become so mobile and very into exploring.  I let her roam pretty freely when I'm watching.  I constantly move her out from under the cofee table, away from the DVD's that are on the bottom shelf of the entertainment center, and the off storage boxes in her closet.  She really wants to pull up and climb.  Dear God, please not yet.

So, I'm trying to let her test out all her new physical skills, but I feel so bad when she hurts herself.  To give us both credit, she goes back to the same activity 30 minutes after every accident.

Just now, before her last nap, I sat in her room and watched her pull the toy box off her shelf, empty said toy box, and proceed to pull every book off of the same shelf.  She had a mess made!  But, as she strained and reached for the last book to pull of the shelf (the baby Bible, no less) she slipped on another book and hit her mouth.  [ for the record there was no blood or mark.]  Poor baby. 

Am I doing the right thing?  I have to struggle to not let my control-freak, super-over-protective side take over, but a cage sounds better at the end of a long day (when the baby is screaming bloody murder because I let her crawl, and try to pull up, and make enormous messes.)

She's already accident prone!  I wonder where she gets that from?

In other news, gosh we've had a hectic week!

Last night we had the team over for dinner.  It went well!  We have a good group!  They were happy, hungry, and grateful!  Langley had reached her limit right before 8:00, so I took her back to her room and shut the door and fed her.  Then all the sudden I hear a faint "Mrs. Austin?  Mrs. Austin?  Where are you?"  I opened the door and half thet eam was crammed into my narrow hallway to tell me thank you and say "bye."  That was sweet -- College athletes (or any people that age) are not always that pleasant!

I'll try to post tomorrow with pictures, that is when I have time in between kissing boo-boos and keeping my child from licking my shoes.

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Anonymous said...

When Sawyer was crawling and learning to walk he hit his head more times than I can count, busted his lip at least four times and chipped three of his teeth. They just get hurt a lot during that time. I would just try to remove anything that could cause serious danger and anything that she won't leave alone that you don't want ruined. Don't worry she will be fine. Bumps should become a little less often after she masters walking.