Friday, October 1, 2010

7 Months Old

7 months.  Wow. 

So, here's how today went.  Langley woke up at 7:11 crying.  After her breakfast she whined and cried for over an hour.  I'm not going to lie, I was not very patient or nurturing at this point.  Between her mood and the diaper blowout, I was now done.  I laid her down for her morning nap and she spent the next hour alternating 10 minutes of crying with 15 minutes of sleeping.  At this point I started to figure out she wasn't just being a toot, but she didn't feel good.  Bless her heart, she's had a little fever today.  I feel certain it is because of teething ( maybe she'll finally get a tooth.)  So, she got extra cuddles,  paci time, and attention for the rest of the day!  I did manage to do 5 loads of laundry, go on a walk, locate 5 paci's that she had thrown behind her bed, and attempt the official 7 month photo shoot with my puney baby.

Unfortunately, I decided to cancel my plans to attend the Arkadelphia High School football game as part of my 10 year class reunion.  I was looking forward to seeing friends I haven't seen in years, and I know they'll have a good time, but when your baby is even a little under the weather nothing else seems that important.  Or maybe it's just me.

I only took about 5 pictures in the chair, so I don't have tons to choose from.  I guess this one will do, it was the only one with a smile!

Langley has really been interesting the last month.  Still sweet and good natured, but undpredictable.  One day would be bliss, the next would be hellacious.  She has whined and cried more in the last month than in her whole life.  She's developing a sense of humor, an attitude, and definite preferences. 

Langley is in size 3 diapers and in 9-12 month clothing.  She has mastered sitting and now gets up on all fours.  She is still eating 4 bottles a day and solids twice a day.  She grabs for and swats at everything and of course, everything goes in her mouth.  She likes the exersaucer and is learning to like her new jumper (i got it from a friend's garage sale for a steal!) 


I'm afraid we're about to enter a sock and shoe crisis in our house.  I've put shoes on Langley maybe 5 times ever.  She kicks them off in minutes.  Well, as it gets cooler, socks and shoes will become neccessary.  I don't want to spend money on shoes that she won't wear.  So, I will try to get her to wear shoes and socks, but don't judge me if my kid is barefoot in December :-)

She did enjoy a little playtime this afternoon...

She would never want a paci unless she was feeling bad :-(

You see Henry was keeping watch on her.  I promise you, if she ever gets ahold of him, she won't be gentle.  I do think he will bite her, not because he is vicious, just dumb.  He is easily excited and sometimes plays rough.  Josh will not handle it well if Henry bites the baby.

Langley is sleeping, so I will now stalk my former classmates on facebook to see how the game and reunion is going!!

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The Happy Hatch Family said...

I sure won't judge for the no shoes thing, Maelea hasn't worn any yet. If they're not going to mess them up, why bother? Ok, just kidding, but she's got some cute ones she's about to be able to wear.