Wednesday, March 27, 2013

She Goes All Out

I mentioned Aubrey was pretty sick during Spring Break and also how the whole thing started with her screaming like a maniac an entire night.  Well...

The day after we got home I found these two teeth.  Her first teeth!  Um, this explains some things.

Also since we've been home and she's felt better, she's eaten some puffs and taken a few sips out of a sippy cup!  And totally random:  I switched her from the gum drop pacis to Nuk.  I am a little concerned about the shape of her top gums and I think the Nuk are a little better for her mouth development.  On a normal day she only has a paci at nap and bed time, but I'm glad the new pacis aren't gagging her (like they always had before.)  The switch has not been traumatic, thank you Lord.  (Any type of change is usually extra difficult with her.)

Cutest little mini mouse ever.

So yes, first illness and antibiotics and first teeth all at the same time.

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