Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sleepy Faces and Other Notes

1.  This was one of those "if I just keep running I won't fall asleep" moments.  Langley was such a trooper yesterday as we traveled to Jonesboro for a appliance and furniture shopping/recruiting trip.  This picture was taken just before 2 pm.  She was asleep in her carseat in 30 seconds.  I really was proud of her behavior and attitude yesterday!

 2.  This is tonight after a bath waiting to read books.  She had a crazy day today since we had a moving sale, emptied out our living area besides for a TV and some accent tables, and had people in and out.

*  One day I will actually use my camera instead of my phone to take pictures.
*  I have a sty in my eye AGAIN - 2nd one in 3 weeks.  Annoying. 
* Tomorrow is our last Sunday at Conway's First Baptist.  Sad.  I will miss worshipping with this body of believers so much!
* Langley's foot grew overnight.  Yesterday she wore a size 4 shoe, today I couldn't get her foot in a single pair of shoes.  I had to buy her some size 5's at Target so she wouldn'tbe barefoot at church tomorrow!  Her feet still turn in and they are pretty chubby, so she can't do a lot of the cheap sandals because they make blisters.  I like the Circo version of pedi-peds, they work really well for her right now since they aren't too structured.

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