Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last Day

Yesterday was my last day of class.  I don't give finals because I want my students to be studying for Old Testament, Biology, College Algebra - you know, harder classes.

This semester I had 3 classes.  One was my normal Orientation - in class with students who were in their first semester. 

Then, I had a class of returning students who were RETAKING ORIENTATION.  Some of these failed my class in the fall, others had failed with different instructors. The problem was not the strenuous academic expectations.  The problem was laziness, irresponsibility, and other poor choices.   Nonetheless, I did not want to see them in class every week.  The "retakers" did an independent study where they did their own research and applied it to methods from our text book.  I met with them 5 times throughout the semester to review their research and answer questions.    Ya'll only 7 out of 13 are going to make it out of this class.  What would you do if your kid failed orientation twice?!  Do you like the fact that your tax money is supplying grants and loans to these students who obviously need to rethink College at this time in their lives?! 

I've been wanting to say this for years:  If you make anything other than an A or B in a college orientation class, get out!  Get a job!  Join the military!  Do something else!  Maybe in a few years you will be ready for College!  Bless. Your. Heart

My third class was Study Skills.  This class had 3 students who were required to RETAKE STUDY SKILLS.  I did this class online.  Pretty sure only 2/3 will be moving on.  See my bolded thoughts above.

Anyway, yesterday 8 of my students came in to turn in their independent study project.  Only 7 however, actually had done the work.  The other one just came to tell me he didn't do it and had already planned on failing the class.  I was irritated because I was exhausted.  2 nights of storms +Family and friends suffering tornado damage +Husband being gone = me wanting to call stupid people names.  Working at a college is such a treat!

When I got home I decided to document the day.  We have some mad self-timer skills!

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Becky said...

You just made me chuckle. And then Cate gave me a funny look. :)

Congrats on the move, by the way! JD and Josh have had me laughing listening to our end of their phone calls...