Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Preview From My Phone

We had a great day!  This morning was hectic making muffins for sunday school, getting Josh there in time to pray at the end of the early service,  and keeping the bed babies in the nursery.  This is "mommy's snuggle bunny" waiting on her breakfast.

And, here she is at lunch (mexican food) after a fun-filled morning with the other toddlers.  Yes, we moved her up a class and I think she had a blast!  Funny story:  the toddler room is right next door to the bed babies where Josh and I were.  There is a door connecting the two rooms that we keep shut.  All of the sudden the door from the toddler side flies open and my daughter busts through!  She didn't know what she was doing, and we were all kind of stunned, but it was hilarious! 

She looked so sweet in her Easter dress!  I actually ordered this dress (it's monogrammed with an L) on ebay before she was born...I could cry!

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