Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday has Come and Gone

We had a great weekend full of having a garage sale, going out with friends, and church activities.  We also spent lots of time being burning-up-hot in our house since the AC will not work - however, we pushed through knowing that Tuesday (today) we were getting a new unit!!  Um, well, it rained Monday.  The rain pushed the AC people's schedule back a day so Wednesday we are getting a new one...thankfully the rain also cooled the house down!

Langley spent most of the weekend in a onesie or without clothes because it was between 76-80 degrees inside.

Saturday night our church provided child care so we went out to eat with friends from our life group.  When we picked Langley up, she saw me and ran into my arms.  I cried.  I cried because 1) she was so excited to see us, and 2) she ran.  She is such a big girl sometimes it hurts my heart :-)  I also know for a fact that the nursery workers are sad too, they might cry when she moves up to the toddler class.  She is loved.

Yesterday was busy, but good.  I had my regular morning class and then I had my last PACE class last night.  I enjoyed the 3 week format of PACE, and if I ever write a book, I have material for a new character.  Oh man, a character!

It's nap time at our house right now, so there are chores to be done.  Here is Langley during lunch today.

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