Monday, April 18, 2011

Blue and White

Williams Baptist College Eagles.  New team.  Same colors.  Good thing because all of my clothes seem to be blue, white, or black.  Besides for my t-shirt collection, my wardrobe should still be relevant after this move :-)

Today has been long, sometimes difficult, and at times good!  Gosh, I love our CBC players.  It will be so hard for Josh to leave those guys, but their words today - their loyalty and gratitude - were a blessing. 

We have an appointment with the realtor.  We worked with her when we bought this house a few years ago.  I told her where we lived today and she said "oh yeah, the basketball coach!"  We had a good chat because she apparently lived in Wynne for awhile.

Also today, I took Langley with me to get my oil changed and she provided me with a very humbling parenting moment.  She was perfectly fine cruising around the otherwise empty waiting area, but then she decided to sit/lay down/eat puffs off the floor.  No. Way.  As I went to pick her up, she threw herself back and slammed her head into the concrete floor.  Sweet.  Needless to say the next 15 minutes were a treat.  Those mechanics were ready for us to leave!  They could her her whining and crying outside.  Sheesh!

We are winding down here - phones turned OFF for the night.  If I had to hear the Bull's theme song (Josh's ring tone) one more time I might scream!

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Unknown said...

Ya'll are leaving? What?! Congrats to Josh! I know he will be a great coach where ever he goes!