Thursday, April 7, 2011

Babies Grow Up

I would say after the past 2 days that we have an official walker!  Now, she doesn't walk 100% of the time - crawling is much faster-but she has been on her feet a alot and covering some ground!

Since Langley's recovered from strep, she's been so good.  We are finally down to 1 nap a day - like a 3 hour nap - and she's going to bed earlier! 

Her eating horizon's have definitley expanded as well.  Pizza is probably her favorite table food :-)  We are feeding her off of our plate when we go out  and much more at home.  I'm not going to lie, letting her feed herself kills me.  The mess!  Oh the mess!  Some days I just don't have the patience for it. 

She had her 12 month appointment today.  Yes, she is 13 months old, but we switched doctors which delayed us a little.  We had a good experience and she was a hit with the staff!  If you haven't been around her lately, you can not even imagine the number of times she says "Hi!" in a day.  Everyone and everything gets an enthusiastic greeting from my girl.  And if you don't respond?  Oh, she will "hi!" you to death until you do.

Her current stats are:
Weight - 22 lbs 8 oz (62%)
Height - 29.5 inches (46%)
Head - 17.5 inches (23%)

I was actually encouraged after the appointment.  I had been feeling like she was behind on some things, but she's not.  Mommy guilt is horrible.  You may feel guilty for sending them to day care, but then if you don't you feel guilty because they are not getting the interaction and skills.  Lose-lose.  Thankfully, Langley is right on track and healthy.  [She has recently developed exema on her back.. Which is no fun, but hopefully it won't get any worse.]

Her schedule these days goes something like this:
Wake up between 8-8:30
Watch Praisebaby
Get dressed
Run errands/play/do something fun/go on a walk
Lunch @ 12:00
Nap 12:30-3:00
read books/play  in her room
Bed time between 7:00-8:00

Oh, and we are done with the bottles!  Neither switching to whole milk nor weaning from the bottle was a big deal.  Yay!

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