Monday, February 23, 2015

Please Just Melt

No school (the college or public schools) for over a week.  Going 5 days without leaving the house.  Freezing, freezing, and more freezing.  We've been trapped.  BUT Praise be to the merciful God, that we never lost power!!!!

Josh worked, but only was able to play the Saturday game.  We won and  clinched 3rd place in our conference!  So, this week, the last week of regular season, he has 3 away games (since last week had to cancel.)  3.  Away.  We're going out with a bang.  

We barely went outside, and I took no pictures - because I guess I didn't need to document "mommy just about losing her mind."

So, that's it.  Just hibernating, looking forward to the ice melting, and cheering on the Eagles from afar!!

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