Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a morning

Despite the thunderstorms last night, we all slept great! I woke up first and started laundry, then went to wake up Langley. She was still sleepy so it took her forever to eat, and as I was feeding her I heard the toilet and bathtub bubbling. Well, there was not supposed to be any water in the tub. We have a problem. So, by 8:15 am, Josh had called a plumber. Super.

While waiting on the plumber Langley fell asleep in the swing and I started organizing her room and refilling the wipes, and checking to make sure we had enough diapers. Then I decided to start making a pile of clothes she had outgrown that I wanted to keep, or that were the wrong size and season for her. This led me to look for a few things I had put a way 2 weeks ago. I had put the outfit we brought her home in and some other special things in the guest room. When we had company last week, I put those keepsakes in a great spot. The problem is I have NO IDEA where that would be. I got so frustrated and looked through the entire house, even the bathrooms, looking for those things. I still haven't found them. That kind of thing really makes me crazy. I just gave up, I know they are in the house somewhere.

Meanwhile, the plumber came and told us it would cost $1,000 to really fix our issue. Great. Real great.
The plumber left and I was getting Langley dressed when I noticed the onesie I was putting on her was too small. Not width, length. So, I start going through the onesies and very few still fit her. For some reason, this added to my "not so great" morning feeling. I guess since she's been in the world time is moving at triple speed and maybe I'm missing something or not making the best use of this precious time with my baby.

This whole time I hadn't eaten anything, and I felt a melt down coming on! Finally I just sat down, ate something, and layed in the floor and read to Langley.

Seriously, this face seems to make everything a little better!

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