Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just checking in...

because I know most of you check this blog just to see pictures of the baby on a regular basis :-)

I broke out the activity mat this week. Langley tolerates it for short periods of time. Really, she just looks at herself if the little mirror!

Josh has been busy at work recruiting and signing new players. I hope he's ready to be the main caregiver here in a few weeks. He'll have an interesting summer. I can't even talk about work. It makes me cry.

I started my own version of Weight Watchers today. You know, the points. For some reason it's more appealing than counting calories. For excercise I'm just walking. I go back to the doctor Monday, maybe after that I'll do something a tad more strenuous. Maybe not.
I have no idea how much I weigh. We don't own a scale. I just need to be able to wear my work clothes becuase I definitely can not afford a whole new "big" wardrobe and I don't care to look pregnant any more.

We decided to have a garage sale Saturday. I'm praying we make enough money to make it worth the effort. I got in major purge mood, Spring cleaning I guess. If we don't love it or need it, I plan to get rid of it.

Langley's smiles are still few and far between. But I got a semi-smile this morning!


Cari said...

She defintely looks like her father! She is precious.

Work makes me sad/cry too. And I have also started my own version of WW and exercise; however, I do own a scale and lets just say -- be glad you don't! Ha! I have to fit into my work clothes too b/c no budget for new clothes!

Best of Luck to you Rachel!!

Becky said...

Langley is so precious! That first picture looks like little mini-Josh (JD and I got a kick out of that!) Our girls look like their daddy too.

barri said...

Rach, I'll be praying for you when you go back to work. I cried every day for the last two weeks of my maternity leave. You can do it though! Langley is adorable!!!