Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Because My Children Started Waking Before Sunrise

Yes, both girls have been waking up WELL before 6 am the past week.  Yesterday it finally caught up with me and I realized how tired I was!  I found a bottle in the trash and I thought I had thrown an entire container of clorox wipes away.  I gave Langley a bath but didn't rinse her off.  I forgot to take medicine and give the girls their medicine.  So yeah, I haven't blogged either.

Pretty much this is what's been going on....
school started, Josh is teaching 4 classes this semester, having 5 am practice 3 days a week and regular preseason every afternoon/evening.  we are trying to adjust and figure out when the girls can actually see their daddy, especially the days Langley is at school.  We have done family lunch every Thursday for a few weeks and that has been good for all of us to get out as a family and eat a meal that I don't have to prepare or clean up!  We had the team over last night and I think we have another great group of players.

Langley is potty trained, sleeping in a bed, and still loving school.  She is getting a little shy around people, she just has to warm up and then its her normal "life of the party" self.  Some of my favorite things she says are "it delicious!"  and " it's my yanni's  ____!"  For example, "it's my yanni's book."  That's her way of saying it's mine.  She is also getting 4 molars.  Yes, she is 2 1/2 getting her 1 year molars.  She loved having nana, pawpaw, mary and andy visit this weekend!

Aubrey is pretty happy and content.  She doesn't like 'strangers' unless mommy or daddy is holding her while someone else is talking to her. She's done some more rolling and laughing.  She'll go for her 4 month check up tomorrow.

And, me?  I'm making it.  I'm in a season where it's very easy for me to be quick-tempered, sad, and a little depressed.  I'm praying against those things and trying to remember that it's my attitude and not my circumstances that make a day good or bad.  I try to focus on things like:  my husband has a job that he loves; after 3 months of screaming, Aubrey is happy; Langley has accomplished so much in the past few weeks; I have friends here in my neighborhood; and this world (although full of blessings) is not my home, I have a Savior, a Hope, and a Joy that far outweighs the daily frustrations or hardships I may temporarily face.

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